Monday, August 29, 2011

Questions We Should Ask Gov. Perry The Corporate Media Will Not Ask.

            With all the praise from the main stream media calling Gov Rick Perry the GOP frontrunner needs to be vetted further. They are calling the Texas Governor a wonderful Christians and the new Ronald Reagan. He is sounding much like Congressman Ron Paul who is the other Texan who has been consistent while the Texas governor is flip flopping on the issues. The truth is Rick Perry's rhetoric does not line up with his record as governor. I will not go into him being Mr NAFTA super highway or the gardisil Governor. That is getting worn out right now as I see it. I think we need to ask question concerning the here and now. He is still the sitting governor who can still do things to help the people of Texas.

           Since the news media will not ask the right questions and nobody will vet the governor. He is still an unknown to many people outside of Texas. Right now Texas is facing a crisis or the governor seems to be AWOL when the Texans needed leadership the most,instead he was promoting his book"Fed Up". Certainly by his actions, not his words. He is not "Fed Up". So I feel since the corporate media will not ask these questions. Anyone with a video camera needs to confront the Texas governor and ask these questions since no one in the mainstream media will not dare ask. We of the new media will do the job the main stream media will not do. That is vetting the Texas Governor.

Here is some of the questions we should ask him:

    1)     The Texas Governor needs to be asked about  why has not been fighting to EPA? The President through the EPA took over the Green House Gas permits to refineries and coal power plants. The Federal Government has no legal authority under the laws passed by congress to do it. Texas now faces having rolling blackout because the lack of capacity to produce electricity because the EPA is shutting down coal power plants. Texas had the means to meet the high demand in the past and sell electricity to neighboring states before Obama took office. Texans face utility rate increases because the Obama administration is enforcing cap and trade by executive order bypassing congress. Why will he not take action to block the EPA?

  2)         Why is he not using existing law in the state to shut down the full body scanners in all the major airports in Texas? Texas has laws to regulate X- rays equipment. Why is he not instructing the state agencies who oversee all this radiological machines to test these machines and shut down these machines as a public health threat. TSA workers are now are getting cancer as a result of these machines. Why has the governor instructed law enforcement to use child porn laws to arrest TSA agents who scan minors under 18 being forced into these body scanners as a condition to travel?

  3) Why has the governor stood up and told the Federal Government to go to hell when they threatened to make Texas a no fly zone when they tried to pass the anti TSA groping bill that would have make it a criminal offense for agent to touch people in places against their will. Also ask the governor why he doesn't instruct Law enforcement in Texas to arrest TSA agents under existing laws on the books?

  4) Why did he wait until the last minute to put the anti TSA groping bill so late into the special session?

           The truth is, Governor Rick Perry has not stood up for Texas at all. For all you neo conned suckers out there. Think about this long and hard. If he is not willing to stand up for Texas against a out of control President when the law is on his side. Then how can he stand up for America or Americans in the White House? It is time we in the alternative media ask him the hard questions the corporate media will not go near. This is why our media that use to be a watchdog media has now become a lapdog media because they will not vet the candidate. So we in the alternative media will. If we Do not hold Rick Perry accountable, then who will? So it is up to us.

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