Wednesday, August 31, 2011

10 Words We Should Fear When FEMA Comes to Town" I am from the Government, I'm Here To Help You"

          Thank God hurricane Irene has passed without major damage or loss of life. I have to remind my readers we are not out of the woods yet. We are in Hurricane Season until Nov 1. We are going into the time of the season were the tropic really flare up. We will see tropical systems form near the Yucatan peninsula and off the coast of western Africa.  This is the time we need to reevaluate, Do we need FEMA's help or do we take care of it ourselves getting things back to normal after the storm?

          I remember 25 years ago when Hurricane Elena in 1985 was sitting off the coast of Florida. I was 18 years old. I was very close and familiar to the county political system. I knew the Sheriff and most of the county commissioners at the time. I sat in with my parents when they attended the public meetings discussing hurricane preparedness and resources if the storm ever hit. Fortunately Hurricane Elana never hit us, the storm went north and hit the Florida panhandle. There was no talk of needing FEMA's help. They had the jail and prison labor ready along with volunteers lined up ready to start to clean up after the storm. Local government was all that was needed to coordinate with the cooperation of neighboring counties and municipalities was all that was needed. We did not need the Federal government for anything.

           Now they talk of FEMA overseeing every natural disaster from a tornado to flooding. We see President Obama and the Head of Homeland Security Napolitano in what they call command central or command and control for a photo opportunity. FEMA has been more hindered than been a help to people. They were the biggest cause of the aftermath after Hurricane Katrina. They have blocked relief organizations from entering the city and cut communication lines the police and first responders us. People were stranded at the Super Dome and the Convention Center for days before any help arrived. FEMA was not there to help, but create chaos and mayhem as an excuse to bring in Martial law and Federal control. New Orleans was an example of the failure of a city that becomes Federalized.

          Many people say and reveal to us that FEMA is the secret government that answers to the National Security Council and Homeland Security. The agency activities are very highly questionable and can be a threat to the health and safety to the American people. They have not helped the people of New Orleans. When first responders were taking gun fire from gangs trying to rescue storm victims. Did they go after them. Nope they did not. The Police chief NOPD by the order of FEMA confiscated the guns from law abiding people in high and dry wealthy areas instead while the thugs ran free with no resistance who were starting all the trouble. FEMA has been reported in the Midwest kicking in doors after the people have been ordered to evacuate and taking the firearms.

         We are better off without FEMA coming in to help us. Disaster response is a local and a state issue; not the jurisdiction of FEMA. We are all supposed to be prepared. It is not the responsibility of anyone else to feed us and shelter us. That is something up to us to do. They more we can take care of ourselves, the less we need the government to help. All those people in New Orleans waiting for the government to rescue them had a very rude awakening finding out they have failed them miserably. Self reliance and personal responsibility is the right choice to make. If a community can take care of itself and rebuild after a disaster. The less they need the government. SO when FEMA comes to town and says"I am from the US Government. I am Here to Help" We can say"Thanks, but no thanks we don't need you"

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