Thursday, August 25, 2011

Is War with Syria, Libya and Yemen Also About Keeping Russia from Settling Up Navel Bases in these Countries?

             The possible conflict with Syria maybe a two-fold plan in a way for Israel for punishing the Russian government for recognizing the Palestinian state. Israel does not want to share a border with the Palestinians  and to keep Russia from using an old cold war naval base at a port in Tartus Syria. The Russian Federation plans a naval base in Syria by 2012. That can be in jeopardy placing a forward base for Mediterranean operations for Russia's navel forces. Russia is also not a part of the European-banking cartel too, which has the oligarchs very upset. However, I see mainly is Israel using American forces as a proxy force to keep Russia out since they are favoring a Palestinian state.

             For those who are so in love with Israel with deep affection more than your fellow countrymen because some preachers with the blessing of the ADL told you had to bless Israel without question or God will hate you and strike you dead if you don't. If Israel is this victim state fighting for survival everyday from those evil Muslims. Then why do they threaten their neighbors constantly with military force? These Muslim nations are not the threat to anyone. It is Israel that is the threat to us all  Please look up the attack of the USS Liberty online using any search engine you want. You will see how Israeli jets bombed the ship trying to sink the vessel to the bottom to the sea, to try to draw us into a war with Egypt. Then we have Sept 11,2001 were it was Israeli operatives arrested on that day being behind the attacks and not those evil Muslims. The state of Israel took part in this false flag attack on our soil to benefit the Jewish state, drawing the United States into wars we found out after the fact were based a fabricated intelligence to sell to the public. If all you Christians love Israel so much, pack your stuff, and move there. You will find out really fast this Jewish state does not like to receive Christians with loving open arms to live among them, But they will take our money instead, just not us. Israel is the problem with the Middle East and not the victim.

            Syria is a concern just as much as Libya is because the planning of a Russian naval base on Syrian shores might be too close to comfort for Israeli government to deal with.If these countries want Russian to have a base there. It is not Israels business to interfere in the affairs of other nations. Israel is very upset at the Russian Federation recognizing the right of the Palestinian state with the right to self-rule and Hamas as the government the people elected. Rejecting the puppet leader the Israeli wants to rule over the people in the West Bank and the Gaza strip. We all know the Israeli lobby has our congress by the short hairs when they say, "jump". The useful idiots in congress say" how high?" Israel will try to draw us into a war with Russia if it suits their needs at our expense. The Israeli and American advisers were behind the Georgian forces trying to invade the Russian borders almost drawing us into a war with the Russian Federation. Israel will not hesitate to drag us in another war and not even shed a tear for our children making the sacrifices fighting their wars and could care less if we get to into a war with Russia if it does Israel good and we deal with the losses.

                      Beating the war drums going into Syria has nothing to do with human rights violations or humanitarian concerns. I believe Israel does not want that Russian naval base in Syria.  Russia will not be able to have a strong presence in the Mediterranean Sea if the Syrian government is to topple by Israel and the United States using force, if these bases are to be in Syria as Russian plans to establish. This could frustrate the Jewish state’s policy of aggression. I am really concerned this could draw us into a world war with Russia which I see our American forces are in no condition to confront them because of multiple conflicts and deployments our soldiers endured has taken a toll on them. Russia is not the enemy, it is Israel and the bankers using our forces to do their dirty work.

           You look at all the nation we are attacking also which is to not only get the gold and loot the wealth of the nation by overthrowing the government. Russia was planning to have naval bases in these countries. They also have plans in Yemen and Libya too to set up Navy bases. Would having these Russian Naval Bases put a damper on the globalist plans? Russia setting up basis could have been a threat on their plans of domination of Africa and the Middles East with a Russian naval presence. Could it be that Israel does not want Russian influence messing up their plans of being a bully in the middle east when there is a country that will stand up to this rogue state. That country is Russia. Do you find it coincidental that the countries we are attacking with drones under the guise of human rights violations, killing terrorist to loot the wealth and natural resources? These are the very same nations Russia has in the planning stage to set up naval bases too I think it is needed for Russia to establish a middles east and Mediterranean presence to be a deterrence against this imperial NATO empire gone mad. Thank God for Russia being the disciplined power trying to keep the peace in the world.



  1. IT just keeps gitting worse and worse Now McCain wants to attack RUSSIA!
    The media works against 911 truth, we have the worst DEPRESSION in HISTORY and NOBODYSAYSBOO!

  2. "navel"?? Bellybutton bases?? It's 'naval'

    otherwise, informative post, as always

  3. Navel. Basis. Middles east. "to be a deterrence". " were it was".


  4. Russia already has a navel base in Syria. I've never read that Putin wanted bases in the other countries. I think PC Roberts is correct about Libya, specifically:

    1)The West wanted to drive the Chinese out of Libya and, ultimately, Africa. Billions of dollars in Chinese investments were lost and over 30,000 Chinese workers evacuated when NATO started the Libyan war.

    2)The West wanted to fold Libya into the western banking system, making them dependent on the Rothschild banking network and preventing a pan-African currency Ghaddafi wanted to start. The "rebels" set up a bank during the first week of the war - how revolutionary! And where did they get the funds to capitalize the bank? There can be no challenge to the West's predatory banking system. Ultimately, that is where the power really flows from. Take that away (i.e. the power to create money from nothing and determine what it is created for), and the US empire collapses.

    3) The West wanted to incorporate Libya into Africom, the organization the Pentagon uses to control African affairs. Ghaddafi refused membership in 2007.

    4) Libya had gold reserves; the West has them now.

    Controlling Syria is necessary prior to a strike on Iran. Hezbollah in southern Lebanon is believed to be supplied through Syria and has to be neutralized so Israeli citizens don't suffer missile strikes from there when the USrael attacks Iran. The Russian naval base there is not a major obstacle to NATO designs in the region, but removing it is seen as a nice ancillary benefit.

    Yemen (and Somalia)is about controlling Bab el-Mandab, a major shipping choke point between the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. This move is aimed at China (oil supplies).

    Russia is not in the cross hairs yet, but will be as soon as all the other non-controlled countries but China are assimilated. That is the plan, anyway - full spectrum dominance. True small government conservatives need to realize that our foreign policy objective is to run the world; it will take a mighty big - and expensive - government to do that. Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate advocating real policy change on the two biggest drivers toward this mad objective: the MIL and the Fed.