Saturday, August 27, 2011

Al Gore Says We Have To Stop Eating Meat or Cut Back To Save the Earth, Pass the Steak Sause Please

              I bet anyone out there that right after Al Gore said we should stop eating meat to stop global warming; he went home and had a New York Strip Steak for dinner. This same person tells us we should stop using so much electricity in our homes while his big mansions use many Kilowatts to power a subdivision. What a hypocrite AL Gore is. He says we have to cut down on using fossil fuels and he owns Occidental Petroleum in Venezuela. This global warming fad trying to use a guilt trip about our carbon footprints is a fraud to squeeze more money out of us.

               Sorry Al, People have been eating beef way before you came into this world. Cows have been grazing in the fields releasing flatulence into the air for thousands of years now. If your figures are so true, than you would have not be born because your carbon footprint would be too much, because of all the one child policies. I mean AL you drive those gas guzzling SUVs and limos. Your homes use more electricity in a month than what I use in 10 years. You tell us to cut down on eating meat, and you can have prime rib and 12 oz steaks every night. I do not believe you will cut down on eating meat, but you will tell us to do it. Al, you are a phony limousine liberal.

              The global warming fraud is not about saving the earth. It is about using environmentalism to attack the free markets and normal human activity with no fireplaces and barbeques. They want to use the carbon footprint fraud to attack our way of life. They want us to get out of our cars and rely on public transportation and to freeze to death if necessary to save the earth because we cannot light up the fireplace. This is an attack on humanity plain and simple. These control freaks hate a free people. This global warming swindle of carbon taxes is on its last legs after all the scientific data was either fabrication or manipulation to sell as a fraud.

                I tell everyone today, go out, buy lots of meat, and get a nice juicy steak tonight. Make a YouTube video and tell Al Gore we will not cut down on eating meat. We will fire up our barbeque grills or pits spewing carbon into the air cooking those juicy steaks, hamburgers and roasting a pig. Whatever makes your mouth water. They do want us to cut down on our consumption of meat because if we lack protein, our minds are more susceptible to be brainwashed compared to have a protein diet with meat where we can think for ourselves. Most of these religious cults take protein out of the diets, so the followers are easier to manage and control.  Just keep that in mind why they want us to cut down on meat to break our will by the lack of protein in our diets. This is how they want to control us. Cutting down on eating meat like in most totalitarian regimes was a way to control people.

                We can see the carbon taxes President Obama is implementing through the EPA and the other alphabet soup agencies by executive orders bypassing congress will try to make buying meat expensive forcing us to cut down. AL Gore saying we have to cut down on eating meat might be a pretext to high carbon taxes on meat in the name of saving the earth hoping the lack of protein in the people's diets; a dictator might be able to control the masses. We need to keep eating meat despite what the political ruling class says and keep protein in our diets. This government is trying to break our will anyway they can if they will enact measures to change our diets were we will lack protein to think clearly.

                The good thing is Al Gore's lack of credibility makes it easy to discredit him now for all the fraud he is trying to pull on us with this save the earth swindle. He will tell us to use public transportation to cut down on our carbon footprints. Conserve electricity and now cut down on eating meat. Al Gore tells us do as I say and not as I do. He will not cut back on his fossil fuel usage with the gas guzzling limos and SUVs; he will not cut back on his electric consumption with all his mansions or stop eating meat on a daily basis. However, we all should change our habits according to his will to change except him. I will not stop eating meat, nor will I cut back either, so pass the steak sauce please.


    Enough with the COW FARTS AGAIN!
    Mount ETNA spews out more co2 in ONE day than all the cows in MEXAS!
    Lets send ole AL Gore over to fix that damn VOLCANO. Just throw him in with a shovel!

  2. Another fallacy about mammal flatulence, it's nothing more than gas generated by bacteria as it decomposes vegetable matter, like grass.

    Now, if that grass had NOT been eaten by a cow, or a deer, whatever, and instead had died a 'natural' death and decomposed normally you'd end up with ...drumroll... the exact same CO2 result when the dead grass decomposed as compost.

    In fact, if some of the carbon that was in the cellulose of the grass goes into the cow, there'd actually be LESS carbon in the atmosphere from raising a cow on grass than from having that grass die and rot, until the cow is consumed, but that also depends on how the cow is consumed, whether there is any CO2 produced.

    In other words, it doesn't really matter whether cows eat the grass or not. What Al Gore's pushing is the stuff that comes out the back in either case, and equally useless.

    Even assuming CO2 is significant and dangerous, the absolute cheapest (actually profitable) way to get CO2 out of the atmosphere is to plant fast growing trees, and then harvest the wood and do something constructive with it, other than burning, and plant more trees in their place, repeating as necessary.

    If this were done for 100 years, all else being equal, there'd be less carbon in the atmosphere than if it wasn't.

    Why doesn't somebody who's as smart as Al is supposed to be realize this? ;-)

  3. This fat fuck is telling other people what to eat?

  4. So 10's of millions of north American bison,10's of millions of African ungulates , 10's of millions of caribou, 100's of millions of of wild grazers and other critters were great for the planet's atmosphere but the cattle and chickens that amount to a fraction of the recent past biomass are destroying the planet ??? OK let me see if I got this right bison, caribou and wildebeest farts and belching good, cattle farts and belching evil?

  5. Don't be an as%#ole.....the beef industry is a filthy, unhealthy and unholy business. A pound of ground beef may contain meat from over 100 different cows. The filth that washes out of those cattle factories is what pours e-coli into our fields of green onions and spinach. The ground that is used to grow cows and feed cows could feed so many MORE people. Our planet is being destroyed, food quality is quickly waning and yet you carnivores insist on stuffing your faces with cow while others starve. If we had actual CO2 eating plants growing instead of gassy cows damaging the fields and producing cowpies, we would be healthier, well fed and have a cleaner planet.

  6. In case anyone missed Al's vulgar tyraid @ the Colorado institute. You should really youtube the audio. It's hilarious, but the skiny is that the Chicago Carbon Credit Exchange finally closed it's doors after credits flatlined @ less than 3 cents per credit over a year ago. Lil Al is having a meltdown over losing his ass. Fly back to your Miami beach compound on your co2 spewing jet & grope your messues! What a deusche. You know, if a total bitch like Tipper can't stand you that really say's something. MANBEARPIG! LMAO!

  7. Al Gore is a liar. there's only 0.038% co2 in the atmosphere, making it a trace gas. Co2 has nothing to do with "Climate Change"
    Take back America and the world from these ruling class criminals!!!

  8. First it's 'Sacrifice your children to the sun god' then it's sacrifice your freedom to the "War on Terror", then it's sacrifice your money/diet/prosperity to the church of global warming.
    Now they're going to destroy the worlds economy or threaten us with an alien invasion to get us to accept World government!
    Al Gore and all his ruling family on the left and right and the church, media etc...should be forced off the planet!

  9. Stick Al Gore in a sealed tank full of co2 and watch him suffocate. Al Gore is the cause of the problems not co2!!!!

  10. That's the problem with liars, if they finally say something smart, nobody believes them.
    Eat in the mode of Goodness, It's good for everyone!
    jaya Sri Krishna

  11. I'll eat what i want to eat, GORE!!!! FUCK YOU!!!!

  12. It would be ok if Al Gore really meant what he said but he doesn't, he's a hypocrite. We do need to take care of the environment and not eat too much meat but he just wants to make himself rich and everyone else poor.
    Carbon dioxide and "Climate Change" is a scam, plain and simple.
    It's nothing to do with left/right politics, they're both the same thing. Gore says one thing and does the opposite. He isn't being honest and sincere with us.
    They are going to keep screwing us if we let them. Don't believe their lies. Everybody knows too much meat is bad for you.
    Go teach yer grandmother to suck eggs Gore.

  13. This man should be locked up and put away!! Last time I saw him, It looks like he should lay off the meat.

  14. Al Gore is a Bathomet bloodklaat man! Lick him down wid da rod o correction!
    Ja Rastafari.

  15. Jew cunt.I will eat him too.Pass the peppercorn....

  16. OOOOOOH! I could just do with a nice big fat juicy rump steak right now.......and fries!

  17. If anyone can stand up to the illuminati it ought to be a Texan!!!!!!

  18. Lock this fuck away!!! Maybe some prison food will help him lose some of that fat he has rolling off him,

  19. You say he's crazy for telling us to stop eating meat...And you follow this by telling us that we need protein to protect against brainwashing?? LMAO

  20. 0.004% Co2 in atmosphere = trace gas.
    Al Gore= Lying, con man, church of Global warming, blue blood,,,,"%^&*(!

    Scientist shows that co2 has opposite effect of warming i.e cooling.
    Also; Google 'The Great global Warming Swindle'.


  23. Republican vs Democrat = Divide and conquer.

  24. "The doorsteps to the temple of wisdom, is the knowledge of our ignorance".- Benjamin Franklin.