Saturday, August 27, 2011

Remember, The Salvation Army Has Been there For the People While the Red Cross has their Hand Out Asking for Money Pretending to Care

               In March of 1993 when I lived on the central Gulf Coast of Florida, We had what was called the No name Storm that rolled in from the Gulf of Mexico. With that storm came a wall of water that flooded all the home on the west side of US 19. After being rescued by a canoe of concerned citizens taking me to dry land were other victims of the flood were congregating. On a short notice, guess who was there? It was not the Red Cross. It was the Salvation Army with warm blankets and a hot cup of coffee.

                So if you see the Former Presidents Bush 41 and 43 parading aside Bill Clinton telling us to give to the Red Cross, Please give the the Salivation Army instead. The Red Cross only seeks to pad their accounts with billions of dollars while only chum change goes to were it is needed the most. The Salvation Army has been relentless trying to get into New Orleans after Karina hit only to be blocked by FEMA. Wherever a natural disaster has struck whether it be an F5 tornado, floods or hurricanes. They always responded at a short notice ready to help. They are one of the few charities in these very rough times trying to provide food and shelter to the new homeless people affected by this economy. They have not turned a person away in need I know.

                 Do not give to those charities by email saying it is to aid the victims of Hurricane Irene as I write is going up the coastline. If you want to help the people affected by this storm, please give to the Salvation Army not only to help, but to make a statement that the Red Cross cannot be trusted anymore with people's hard earned money. We know the Salvation Army is mobilizing right now ready to help the people in need in the areas affected the most by Hurricane Irene.

                  It is time we take care of our own and not the world, do you agree?


  1. I only give to the Salvation Army, do not trust any other charitable organization period..

  2. I was in trouble once, all so called charities turned me away, not the Salvation Army, no questions asked, they helped. I wouldn't trust any other So-Called charity. The Salvation Army is REAL.

  3. You know how you can tell if the Salivation Army is around?

    The puddles of spit.

  4. Salivation Army? Really? Salivation?!!

  5. Things like proper spelling indicate that the author has invested themselves in their work. Your REPEATED mangling/eviscerating of the English language demonstrates a lazy mind, and is the chief reason no one will ever take this blog seriously. But you keep mashing away on your keyboard like a meth'ed up monkey, "realman". You clearly don't want to be taken seriously.

    Also, having batshit stupid crap like Nibiru ads on your site also doesn't help matters.

  6. I think my dog might be a general in the Salivation Army. I saw him drooling at me the other day with military precision.

    Salivation army, ptui! I spit in your general direction!