Monday, August 29, 2011

I call for a Labor Day Lemonade Stand Protest Nationwide. It Will Only Cost a Dime of Your Time

            It is time we push back against tyranny with civil disobedience than sitting there and taking it. We have to send a message we as a people will not tolerate anymore of this Police State attacking our way of life. We will not put up with city governments passing ordinances banning lemonade stands and yard sales. They work for us , we do not work for them. When I read about lemonade stand and yard sales being raided by the local police because they did not get a permit has me really frosted up in arms. When do we need permission to do what we been free to do before?

           This is why Ron Paul is gaining ground and momentum in the Presidential race because of the loss of freedom. The message is resonating with the people because Dr Paul says the things that reflect the reality of this sad state of our nation. While people are trying to keep a roof over their heads by selling their excess belongings,or washing and waxing cars. The only people standing in the way is the power freaks in government with these stupid permits and licenses just to do business. It seems the government is out to cut off people at the knees when there is the slightest indication of being financially independent. The government is there to smash any hope of that ever happening.Seeing that woman with cancer being told she cannot sell her belongings to pay for treatment really has me upset. It is time we tell the city governments where to go if they pull such nonsense taking away the ability of a person to live.

           So how do we respond to all this madness? I am calling on Labor Day Weekend is we have Lemonade Stands sea to shining sea in every town nationwide. Set up yard sales. This is a time to make a statement to the political class that we will not tolerate our freedoms being attacked by some stupid ordinance.  I would like to see more than one Lemonade stands and Yard Sales in one town. I would like to see numerous in one city to make a statement that the people are tired of the politicians making these ordinances restricting our ability to make a living. City governments main purpose is to protect life,liberty and property. Not pass laws attacking freedom. Life is giving us politicians that are lemons. So lets make lemonade. To send a message in solidarity is this. We do not need the government's permission anymore to sell a glass of lemonade.


  1. Sounds like a great idea!

  2. Never has the phrase "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade" been more apropos. If they arrested a thousand people across the country for setting up lemonade stands do you think it would even make msm news?

  3. Great idea, Realman. In fact, we've been doing that about every other weekend up here in Frisco.

    BTW, that butt stain over at WRH named "now peace" gave you a nasty, idiotic comment. Ain't that typical? Too many folks would rather sit on their govt-loving asses while condemning other folks' genuine contributions to liberty, peace, and prosperity.

    Anyway, all the best to you.