Friday, August 26, 2011

Barring Sept 11 victims familes and First Responders From Ground Zero During the 10 Year Anniversary is Despicable

              This government gets more arrogant as the years go by. When will the breaking point will come when people say enough is enough with these arrogant politicians wrapping themselves in the flag praising the first respondent's heroics after the twin towers collapsed on Sept 11th. The truth is the EPA lied to the first responders working ground zero recovering bodies in the rubble saying the air is safe to breath. They were praised and given accolades for their dedication and bravery. Now reality is setting in about what really is going on is so ruthless to see what is happening.

                Years later these very first responders that shook hands with Mayor Rudy Guliani and President Bush for a fine job digging out their own fallen from the rubble from ground zero. Now after breathing all that air full of asbestos and other harmful particles, they are now starting to have health problems as a result of working ground zero. Now since it will cost the government money to treat these first responders at ground zero. I have to give credit to the 911 truth movement for raising money doing numerous fund raisers to help these people get treatment and helping with living expenses because the government turned their back on them. Many have died with the families of these first responders are now left behind to pick up the pieces and carry on the fight for their deceased loved ones.

                The people who lost the most on that day who were firefighters and police of New York City. They are now seeing that the official story the government is regurgitating is a farce. The American people do not believe the government no more about what the real official story is. The families of those affected the most want answers and all they get is lies. We starting to see the US government starting to turn on the people and kick them to the curb after they been used for propaganda purposes. They toss them aside like garbage. Now 911 victims with their families and the first responders are now Persona Non Grata at ground zero while President Obama and President Bush pat themselves on the backs on what a wonderful job the first responders done when they stabbed them in the backs this whole time.

                Now since Congress passed legislation to fund treatment for the first responders after a public outcry demanding they get the care they deserve. Not so fast getting your hopes up. Now for these first responders to get health care paid for by the US government. They have to have their names run through a terrorist database to make sure they are not with Al Quada. If their name is on the list, there is no due process of a court of law to confront  your accuser. What about the victims of 911. How many of them are now on the no fly list now for speaking out, I have to wonder about that too.  Now I would be pissed too to see the government so brazen and arrogant using Sept 11th is advance a police state and kicking the people who are the real heroes, not the phony grand standers looking for press time. These politicians are so shameless, that is what makes them such good liars. Do you agree?

                 I hope the grandstanding that will be used to celebrate the anniversary is the twin towers falling down. I hope this is a day to be a moment of shame for those who were behind the attacks and a day of vindication for those who were hurt the most by this day. Sept 11 like the JFK assassination will not rest or go away until justice is done, or may the heaven fall.


  1. I can't help but wonder... what if the government had a 911 memorial and no one came? What if the first responders and families of the victims had their own memorial and the government was not invited? Why can't that happen? There's still time to upstage the filthy liars and have a true memorial that includes finding the answers and prosecuting those behind this event.

  2. Reason Uncle Scam does not want the victums families at Ground Zero is very simple to answer--alot will be question amoungest themselves and truthers9II, why Israel was not attacked and made into minced meat but instead Iraq/Afgh was pounded to a mess.

  3. Muslims arrested for 9/11 = 0

    Israelis arrested for 9/11 = 200+

  4. great comments guys. Maybe america is catching on. I especially like the idea that the 911 memorial be held WITHOUT the government. Excellent.

    Author - you really need an editor. Your writing sucks, but the comments were good.

  5. OR Mabey they want to do 911 AGAIN!
    Where Obomo survives and wins the election?
    BUT they do not want to pay the same familys again.
    Be careful out there!


  6. This is a very badly written load of garbage. Write stupid things by all means, but at least get your grammar correct - it is a sign of respect to those whom you are refering to and to those who have to suffer what you write by trying to read it...

  7. the person in charge of building the memorial is a veteran of the IDF (that's the israeli defence force)!!!

    great idea: have a memorial andnobody attends.
    another great idea: have an election andnobody votes INSTEAD have a revolution and get the scum who did this to our country!!!

  8. 2020, your writing makes sense, and that is good enough. Your eyesight is perfect and allows you to join with the most deserving of Americans trying to make it work on an honest, fair playing field.
    The person in charge of building the monument is an IDF veteran. While the nation does not know that, millions now know that Israelis and other zionist jews set the original charges back in the mid 1960s, set car bombs around the WTCs on 9-11-2001, and three Israeli occupied vans were carrying around explosives with detonators in and out of Manhattan island that day.Only hundreds of Americans know that since 9-11-2001, half a dozen Israelis have been caught driving around America in the middle of the night with traces of explosives found in their vans. If the IDF had no knowledge of these facts, I would be the first to suggest an overcomming wail of an apology, followed by a head-shave and self-castration. But you and I know that the odds of the IDF NOT knowing about these facts are as great as bell-hop suitted monkeys flying out of my butt in the next few minutes.
    I would ask the IDF, just what do you people want? Your masters in The City of London put you in hell, twice. Mess with them to get your situation improved. They lie to you 24/7, and further aggressions should be directed in their direction. Your IDF person building a monument to mark your turf after blindsiding the country is bad for publicity. I suggest YOU APOLOGIZE IN SPADES and stop your sneaky terrorist ways.