Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Propganda Lesson Plans for teachers to Talk About Sept 11th Attacks in Schools

            When I was watching the local news talking about to approach the anniversary of the September 11 Attacks. There seems to be a lot of grand standing trying to regurgitate to propaganda of Al Quaida is going to get us. The news broadcast set up a link on the website for School teachers literature for lesson plans if they want to talk about the attacks on 9-11. So, I decided to take a look at the lesson plans. The lessons were prepared by Pearson Online Learning Exchange. So now I have to be a little suspicious of what the teachers plan is telling how to teach our children.

             When I looked at the PDF for students from grades 6-12 grades. Just reading and glancing over this piece of literature. I had the impression they wanted to students to remember Sept 11,2001 to mean we will have to live with less freedom to stay safe. We will have to turn in our neighbors if they do something that might be suspicious. We have to be felt up and searched at the airports. Our bank records and our personal email will have to be searched and scrutinized. The student were told we will be in endless wars looking for the phantom enemy living in caves. Also, our privacy will have to be invaded by tapping our phones and online activity; the age of privacy is over because of Osama Bin Laden is out there.My impression of this literature prepared as a guideline for teachers of what they should be telling the students is very frightening. The message sent is we will have to be less free and committed to endless wars because of this day in infamy.

              If there are any school teachers out there with a head on their shoulders, Sept 11th should be taught as  America's Reichstag event and not our Pearl Harbor. It should be a lesson on how government will stage events on a grand scale to tell the people they must surrender their freedoms and the government needs more power to keep the people safe. The lesson of 9-11 is that we should never surrender our freedoms for safety and never trust the government;always be skeptical of what they say or do.

              As a parent myself, it is my responsibility to teach my kids of what Sept 11 really is about and the lessons of history about false flag events staged by the government to grab more power away from the people. When we teach our children about Sept 11th. It will not be to tell them we must be less free or we have to groped at the airport to stay safe. This should be a lesson in how our government used this event to advance tyranny and what we must do to teach them the principles how to take back the power. Please do not leave it to the teachers to tell your children about 9-11. This is our job.


  1. Your writing is, as usual, terrible. Bad enough to make a 3rd grader weep. But this blog is also a good example of the saying that, "even a stopped clock gives the right time twice a day."

    The PDF referred to here actually is pretty scary. The part worst for me was a chapter on The Duties of a Citizen. Which in this case is a duty to report people you think are suspicious. Snitching as an American virtue!

    It's a troubling future for the country.

  2. NobodysaysBOO!:
    This country HAS no future unless and untill these criminals are punished.
    Americans used to have a saying "The cream always rises to the top" a fudamental shift has happened here and now "Only the scum rises to the top"
    When we remove the scum at the top Americans can move on NEVER before.
    The looting of our once great country is speeding up,there must be "honor amoung these thievs" there never will be any truth from this scum, no justice.
    , no peace definetly no prosperity.
    Why are they keeping scrub bush alive? He must be a great worry to these perps, what if he gets drunk again and spills the beans?
    Why waste cash keeping heartless chainey alive?
    Is this trator still running opps?
    Count on them doing 911 again and again after all it worked brfore.Never forget Never forgive these perps absolutely Never believe anything they tell you or your kids.
    Just look at the spec office building they put up at the WTC site,they call it a memorial BS this is just a cheap way out built in Isreal and it WILL probably fall down if you breath on it hard!
    Thank you for the free speech zone!

    ERR ps: OH ROTTY! I left some spelling problems for you and your remeadial reading class kiddies and u get a cookie if you find them all!.
    I think this was very well written and thank the author for the piece, it is written from the heart not by the book.

  3. Reading the PDF you linked to is chilling. It tries to use the Civil War to make the current liberties lost okay. This is ridiculous. You have more chance dying in a car accident and various other things than by dying because of a "terrorist attack."

    On a personal note:

    Mabye when you type up a blog about school teachers teaching something, you should have correct grammar and spelling. This has been your MO for a while now. Most of the time you have such good points and you continue to blow it by not typing a professional article.

  4. Too hard to read. Detracts from the effectiveness of the message even though the intent is clear.

  5. @NobodysaysBOO,

    You keep mentioning this, and I keep clarifying, but I'll do so one more time in hopes you will finally understand.

    I am not nitpicking the writing on this blog. I am not hunting for every little spelling error, or consulting Elements of Style to find imperfect grammar. I wouldn't complain about a dangling participle, or even the occasional typo.

    I'm talking about the truly horrendous writing on this site. It's not that the writing is "not perfect", it's that the writing is truly awful. I am not kidding when I say it is grade school level writing, except of course that no grade schooler would pass his English course if he wrote this way.

    When this blog's author wrote of the Salivation Army, instead of Salvation, I didn't mention it because it's just a typo. An egregious one, one to be corrected, but really just a typo.

    But when he writes, "The news broadcast set up a link on the website for School teachers literature for lesson plans if they want to talk about the attacks on 9-11"

    How can you defend it? We aren't talking about subtle rules of grammar. We're talking basic English skills here.

    Again I ask you. How can you defend it?

  6. NobodysaysBOO!:
    The answer is VERY simple rudeie: This is his blog, he is free thats FREE to say anything he wants and spell it anyway he pleases. I do not care if the writes in PIGLATIN as long as the truth of his words and thinking comes thru.
    Here in TEXAS we do not speak the same type and style of English as other places;because , we are trying to communicate with people from other places and cultures, with English as a second language. For example there are certified teachers in the DALLAS public schools who are teaching their students to pronounce and spell the letter "R" as Rua,THAT is pronounced "R uaa", these kids will go thru their lives using this stupid slang as real and anyone that hears them will know exactly who they are and where they are from mentally.They will suffer because of their poor English, maybe, but they may speak perfect TEXMEX!
    This site is one of the FEW places you can post a comment freely. no signup ect no login ect just post a thought.You owe it to stay on HIS topic,distraction and miss direction are the tools of the POLITBURO.Why waste the space with spelling nonsense? Hell only hindues win American spelling bees anymore anyway!
    WHO knows something of value could actually be posted in the space you waste with this guff.The blog owner could just block you if he wanted;but,why post here if you dislike the place,just go away and let those of us who remain think in peace?
    Thanks for the free speech zone.

  7. I post here because I love this site.I read it every day. Because it is always good for a laugh. Howls of laughter. I actually forward the site to others, just so they can laugh at it.

    I love this blog.

  8. If you NEED a laugh go to the PRESIDENTS BLOG or the offical 911 spot!
    If you cant contribute to the stream of thought here it becomes DISTRACTING.


  9. Boo, You don't get to determine what is DISTRACTING or not. I have just as much a right to read this blog as others. And I have just as much a right to express myself about it. Free speech, or only free if you agree?

  10. ROTTY:
    OH YES I do get to determine who is a jerk and who is a fool!
    you fit the bill on both so keep posting nonsence it really suits you!
    PS dear mr realman will you please EXPELL this guy he is DISTRACTING?