Sunday, July 24, 2011

The People of Quartzite Have to Be the New Leaders or Nothing Will Change.

               I am so frustrated seeing what is going on in Quartzite Arizona. The only few people sticking their neck out to confront the corruption are the Mayor Ed Foster and a couple of local citizens. So far, Gov Jan Brewer has not intervened, The State Police is investigating with no arrest, and The Sheriff will do nothing about it. The Arizona AG is just stalling. What is there to investigate? On the YouTube, video shows the Police Chief committing the crime of Official oppression depriving a person's rights under the color of law in a city council meeting. Why are the people waiting for the State to act? What about the people in Quartzite taking it into their own hands for once and take away the reigns of power away from these despots.


               I am not saying an armed revolt at this time. I am saying going before Grand Juries and getting indictments against all in the city government involved, including the Police Chief. I just believe the State and the County is dragging their feet hoping we will forget about all that happened so the corrupt machine stays in place in Quartzite. They will drag it out far enough when they announce the findings of the investigation as concluding of no wrongdoing when the people are mad at something else moving onto the next scandal. The only way the injustices will have correction, it has to come from the people of Quartzite only. I see the state government of Arizona and the County just dragging their feet stonewalling and stalling. The people in power always protect themselves in corruption investigations. I do not see the Arizona state government coming to the rescue for the people.


                 The only way thing will change if the people of Quartzite become their own leaders and take the first step taking back lost ground taken away from them the last few decades. I am not calling for an armed revolt or using firearms doing a hostile takeover. On August 2, 2011 which is days away. That day will be the 55th year anniversary of the battle of Athens Tennessee in 1946. The returning veterans of World War II had to take back the county using the force of arms facing the very same corruption the city of Quartzite is facing. They did not wait for the governor or anyone from the state government to come to their aid to grant justice. They took the matters into their own hands. If enough people in these little cities get angry at the corruption and tyranny taking, back the system by any means necessary from a corrupt political class. We might have a chance to take back the republic one city at a time.


                 The people have to take bold action to make a stand in Quartzite to restore a civil government that serves the people. The same corrupt people will be hanging around to pillage and rob the people another day. We cannot afford to let this small political establishment hang around anymore. The people of this Arizona city must keep pushing for the removal of these corrupt officials using every remedy necessary before the last resort of force of arms. The people of Quartzite have to be ready to be the new leaders ready to govern the city if they want their town back. That means filling in the void holding office once the crook are gone.They cannot afford to have the same losers responsible for causing the mess to hang around one more day to make choices for Quartzite they do not want. Come on people step forward. The people need leaders, not politicians. Do not count on the Calvery with Jan Brewer coming over the hill to save you. The people of Quartzite,you are on your own.

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