Saturday, July 23, 2011

We Need States to Start Criminal Anti Trust Investigations Against General Electric,The EPA and the White House. Or We will Have More Rolling Blackouts.

              The worst thing any government and people can do is place all power into a few hands. The EPA needs to be kicked out of the States. This agency is now the enforcement arm for monopolies. They write the rules exempting themselves for the very laws they want enacted. Monopolies happen when there is Government collusion and intervention into the free market system. That is when regulations and laws are in place exempting a few favored interests using the force of government shutting down their competition.


               One of the major corporations is General Electric we have to look real close at with an open mind. GE sits on the President Obama's economic council. They have helped write the cap and trade rules. Since now, the congress will not pass this draconian law. President Obama is enacting cap and trade by executive orders shutting down coal power plants making it is so expensive to comply with the carbon limits on emissions imposed on facilities not owned by General Electric. While GE is exempt for the rules, they can start charging higher electric rates once all the competition is eliminated on the production on electricity. ENRON did the same thing 10 years ago in California with rolling blackouts charging the costumers high rate on electricity producing less power. Once GE has control over all electric production around the country. They will use rolling blackouts charging higher rates for producing less electricity creating an artificial scarcity just as ENRON did in California.


                Earlier this year in Texas, the EPA imposed rolling blackouts in Texas being one of the coldest days of this year. Texas was forced to have rolling blackouts so these power plants did not exceed their carbon limits or face high fines. Texas was forced to buy electricity from Mexico to meet the demand during that cold day. Guess who owns all those coal power plants in Mexico? General Electric benefited from those rolling blackouts in Texas because the EPA was shutting down coal plants in Texas and not allowing the Coal Plant to come online in Corpus Christi Texas. The EPA using cap and trade rules without an act of congress, which created an artificial scarcity in Texas to shut down or restrict GE’s competition from producing power to meet the demand of Texans on the day. Forcing Texas to buy electricity from Mexico from coal plants owned by General Electric. Does this sound like a monopoly with the help of the White House willing to use anti competitive practices to help GE?


             Yesterday, a heat wave in Detroit Michigan being one of the hottest days of this summer on record. The people are experiencing rolling blackouts as the excuse the demand for electricity of people running their air conditioners. I do not think it is system stress causing these rolling blackouts. DTE is being forced to shut down power randomly to stay within carbon limits or be fined creating again an artificial scarcity. There is no reason for rolling blackouts anywhere no matter how hot or how cold it may get outside. The EPA, General Electric and the Obama Administration will start holding people hostage with rolling blackouts as a method of control to let them know who is in charge even when they have the means to produce all the electricity needed. This is criminal what I see is going on. Which state will stand up to the White House and the EPA colluding with General Electric engaging in anti competitive practices? GE using the force of government to shut down competitors to have total control over the production of electricity with no competition to challenge them.

              The states need to stand up to the Obama White House and the EPA being an agent for GE. What is being done is criminal to the people of Detroit and was done to Texas last winter. If the states were serious and get a little backbone, they need to throw the EPA out of the state. Attorney Generals need to start investigating the criminality coming out of Washington DC, the White House and General Electric. Arrest need to be made and indictments by grand juries need to be in motion. I just hope if the people and the state governments have to will to push back against this dictator in the White House. I hope before the Obama White House becomes a monopoly with no checks on power from the Congress and the Courts. I say, this because what he is doing through the EPA is criminal when GE influence has caused a monopoly giving them an unfair advantage over the competitors is not good business, it is robbery. Competition is not a sin; it is just honesty in the free markets.


  1. General Electric is a private company. They are exercising their RIGHTS as a private enterprise.

    If you want to break them up, there is just one word for that. Socialism.

    You want to use the power of the government to stop a company you don't like.


  2. Honestly, man, where are you from? You really don't form sentences like a Texan or even like most Americans I know. You can shut me up for good, just prove you're in TX! Post a freshly snapped picture of any RR crossing in Sweeny. I've got a pal in Brazoria who can attest the authenticity since he's a rail nut. If you're in Amsterdam or Haifa, that's okay too, just post a pic from there!