Saturday, July 23, 2011

Texas Governor Plans to Attend Prayer Event, Rick Perry is no more Christian than Anton Levey

                I can say with a clear conscience. I never wasted my vote on Rick Perry, I would not even vote for him to be dogcatcher. The Texas governor is snake oil salesperson who knows how to give a motivating speech. I just do not believe a word he says. Even if he is telling us, we need to pray to Jesus. I would like to know which Jesus the Governor is talking about. What the Texas governor says is does are two different things. So far, he has not shown himself to be "Fed Up" with the Federal government as his book title says. He is a consummate politician telling people what they want to hear for the votes and governs the opposite.

              I have nothing against Governor Perry leading a prayer event being phony or sincere. It is his right under the first amendment to hold an event. Even though he is the governor of Texas, which makes him a public figure always in the spotlight. He still has the right to freedom of religion, to worship God to the dictates of his own conscience. I just question his motives about what is behind him leading a prayer event. We are waiting to see if he will run for President. I just see him positioning himself to pander to the evangelical voters. He has been saying lately that we need to pray to Jesus. I question his reasons to make such a statement all of sudden.

              I will believe Gov Perry's is a true Christian when he leads the prayer event in Houston is he confesses to the following sin against Texas: His cover of the Texas Youth Commission Scandal, He comes clean about taking money from Merck to force young girls to take vaccine that can bring harm to them, selling out to the NAFTA super highway, and tells us he really attended the Builderberg meeting in Istanbul Turkey. I will be shocked if he publicly repents in public of his sins against the people of Texas repenting of all the corruption of the past. I might believe him. On the other hand, people are so docile because of fluoride in the drinking water. He can confess to multiple extramarital affairs and admit to torching the governor’s mansion. No one would get mad and still vote for him saying” Praise the Lord".

             He is also pandering to AIPAC to seek their blessing to put Israel first and American last so we keep fighting war for Israel and to keep the aid coming to them. He should have the Zionist entourage with him at this prayer event praying for Israel, that we should bless them at the expense that we should have to starve for the phony Jewish State. So when there is the Pro Israel Zionist love fest in Houston. Remember Rick Perry is no more Christian than Anton Levey is and no more loyal to one-woman man than Will Chamberlain was. If he were a true Christian, he would be denouncing the persecution of Christians by the Israeli army in the West Bank and the Gaza strip. He would have blasted Israel for jailing people who preach about Jesus because their indifference towards Christianity. Standing up for Human rights and religious freedom, what a hypocrite he is.

             So all you holier than thou people out there holding your Bibles sitting on the pews in church. Before you decide to vote for Gov Perry for president in the primaries. Gov Perry is a disingenuous, egregious and a phony. He has done nothing to back up his words. He makes a good speech, this it. Before you say "hallelujah, God Bless Rick Perry, He our man" If you look at what he has done. His actions speak louder than his words. That tells me, he is not a God fearing man, just a fake using the Lord's name in vain to get your vote.





  1. Actually, LaVey was a Jew.

  2. ...not a real Jew...

  3. Maybe with a little luck , Perry will misread his crowd's apathy as approval and embarrass himself. If someone could publically ask if the TSA were REALLY getting training collars or how many times he had met with Michael Aquino and George Bush at the same time. Or ask him publically if he was dating TSA head Pisstoasty.

    Perry's career deserves a less than glorious end for betraying Texans.

  4. Henry B. Gonzales:
    "I will work to get the minimum wage raised for you" 1964

  5. " I will be shocked if he publicly repents in public of his sins against the people of Texas repenting of all the corruption of the past."

    Those aren't sins. You kind of Christians really make me sick. Passing laws you don't agree with is not a sin. In Heaven, Jesus is not going to question your voting record. Being a Republican, Democrat, independent, libertarian- none of that has anything to do with sin.

    Do you REALLY think god is concerned with Rick Perry's support of a highway? That Perry will be sent to hell because of his views on monetary policy?

    More faux Christian bull. "Anything I don't agree with is a sin". Jut shoehorning what you believe into the bible's framework so that it appears more credible.

    You follow Jesus? Follow Matthew 7:1 "Judge not, lest yet be judged"