Thursday, July 21, 2011

If White People Are Terrorist. What About the Federal Run KKK and Neo Nazi Provocateurs?

              Has anyone heard of Hal Turner? He was classified as a White Supremacist only to find out he was on the federal payroll all along as a tool to demonize the lawful opposition. Now being almost horrified reading about the Department of Homeland Security playing the race card saying white people with blue eyes are now the terrorist threat. What we have to realize it is not the White people that are a threat to the power structure that seeks to enslave us to a tyranny. They are just the new scapegoat. It is anyone who thinks and asks questions that are the threats. It does not matter if a person is white, black or Asian. We are the entire enemy to the government being the hired gun for the bankers to suppress the population.

              The government is getting ready to stage a false flag attack to justify clamping down on the population saying the constitution is the cause for these attacks. Freedom is bad because it stands in the way getting those evil terrorist.To play the race card is a cop out because the TSA groping people at the airports, they are planning on moving on our streets has no more justification for such measures when there is no real threat. They are running out of excuses to tyrannize the people. They cannot rationalize wire tapping our phones and Internet activity. They cannot justify using tyranny anymore. The government is growing desperate to hold onto power. The Congress and the President have a low approval rating. The Department of Homeland Security and the TSA's very existence is now being called into question by many people, because they are now the problem and not the solution to national security. A nuesense people can live without.

              The white person being the perceived threat is another diversion from the bankers looking to steal from the nation. They need us looking the other way fighting with each other in a tactic to divide and conquer while the Bankers fully implode us economically. Most White Americans are the producers in American society. They are the ones who pay taxes, keeps the economy moving paying for goods and services. They are upset at the government; seeing what they are doing to this nation, They are sick and tired of seeing their savings dwindled by inflation and high taxes stealing thier earnings. I believe this supposed to have a chilling effect on white America to stay quiet and not speak up for fear of being labeled a terrorist. If there is false flag attack, will they blame White Americans for the attack? Will they use the false guilt of the past to feel ashamed of oppsing Obama because he is white. To speak up we might be a racist or a terrorist. For an event that might happen in the future. They will try to send a chill in the white population not to speak up or question the emperor playing on people's false guilt.

               It is been documented that most Klu Klux Klan and White Supremacist organizations have been operated by undercover Federal agents. The Federal government has been caught in staging public events trying to inflame racial tensions, if you notice when police are the barrier between angry blacks protesting their presence at a rally. The Police are not protecting those blacks from the evil racist. Those Police are protecting possible federal agents staging a rally hoping to anger blacks enough to attack, so the Police can justify more police state powers. This possible threat from white Americans is the new phantom threat to national security according to Homeland security. It seems the threat of brown people living in caves is no longer the threat, now it is Whitey, who lost his home, job and living in his car; that just ran out of unemployment benefits is now the threat.

                Now people, please start to use common sense and not capitulate to fear induced by the government. Please use your life experience and use your best judgment. What the Police are being trained to look for should have us up in arms. What they are being trained to look for is daily normal everyday activity is now suspicious. Do you remember that when the DHS issued a warning that people with maps in their car with a sleeping bag and camping equipment might be a terrorist? They have declared gun owners, private property activist, anti United Nations groups, citizens who want our border secured, people who want our immigration laws enforced; deporting all illegal aliens, people against undeclared wars, returning veterans from the Middle East, Ron Paul supporters, Bob Barr followers, states rights advocates, people for their children in home school, parental rights, people for the US Constitution and believe in the Declaration of Independence. To me this type of training Police are being instructed to look for defies all common sense to criminalize freedom and the institutions that made our nation great.

                This is an act of desperation trying to silence the majority of the opposition from speaking out or they will be declared a terrorist, the majority are white Americans who are speaking their mind are those who have every right to be angry. They are seeing what most what they worked for all their lives being stolen from them by the money junkies. It is American to dissent and be skeptical no matter what color skin they are. We must not be scared to speak our minds because DHS says that we might be a potential terrorist because we are upset. No matter what color or race we are, we are all enemies of the state who wants us to be subjugated. Some are useful idiots who will do what the government says and the rest of us are the opposition not willing to budge. No one is safe at all even if you are not on the list yet. Therefore, before the government tries to scare us again with this propaganda, Use your head and think for yourself while it is still legal.



  1. It's come full circle since our founding it would seem.

    The founding fathers were the first White Americans branded terrorist/rebels/freedom fighters.

    You cops and military out there, pay attention! Because when you retire or return and are discharged, you go straight to the top of the list of likely terrorist.

    So become an Oath Keeper!

    If the military and Police stand by they're Oath's. Noone can take this Nation from the people.

  2. "If the military and Police stand by they're Oath's. Noone (sic) can take this Nation from the people." --OneOfBillions

    Well, that's a pretty big "IF," Pal.
    In fact, next time will be the first time.

    But, hey, dream big, I always say.
    As long as we don't COUNT on that.


  3. I think it was only a couple of threads down that I said. Buy food, medicine, ammo and guns.

    I say work and hope for the best. But plan for the sky to fall on your freaking head.

    If everything goes south, nobody can tell you exactly what the outcome will be. But if that happens I want to know I did what I could to prevent it while I had the chance.

    I'm a Veteran, therefore I trust soldiers more then you might. Can't say I feel the same about cops. They are better paid, and far to close to the pig pen to keep from getting mud on them. Not to mention way to full of themselves these days. Many of them fancy themselves soldiers of sortes. They would have a very rude awakening if the population turned on them. Being that the USA has the largest military veteran population on the planet. They wouldn't stand a chance. One look at Bagdad should tell you what I mean.

  4. These TSA/Homeland Security publications communicate fear and a solution reached by TSA and Homeland Security employees finally being given lethal weapons by which they hope to play their neurosis and unacceptable predispositions. This expressed fear and solution is the fear and dreams of molesters.
    I have enoughy video time of TSA people playing with childrens' genitals and abusing old people to feel inclined to be bad. I still say my TSA training collars will get them to turn on the real 9-11 perps and leave us the hell alone. TSA refuses to say outloud who did 9-11. They therefore are molesters in every sense of the word and should have their hands surgically removed, since they can not help themselves from being molesters. And since they can not help themselves, I will help them in MY way. As soon as it is legal for me to do so and not before.

  5. Good inspiring wriring that lets us know that someone else is getting ready to clean house.
    Just one thing. The term 'Whitey' is one not used with the warmth of brotherly love. When the removal of money from the economy puts a'white guy' on the street without visible employment relief, the status of 'Whitey' is not attained. 'Whitey' is the monster who believes his or her status as a caucasian entitles them to utilize avenues of clandestine hostilities against other races due to that caucasian's feelings of cultural superiority displayed by his or her pasty barely lifelike complexion. So though we may become unemployed white guys set in economic competition for few jobs with other documented Americans, not of the pasty persuasion, it is not until we lose our sense of comradre with the rest of those willing to be the kind, and get a job protecting those overpaid piles of genetic slag controlling the issuance of money,do we become 'Whitey'. And 'Whitey' comes in many colors.

  6. Hmmm..........whitey explained!

    Not bad apeman2502.

  7. "And 'Whitey' comes in many colors."

    I think you will find very few non whites that agree.