Thursday, July 21, 2011

Has City Hall Declared War on the People?

             We are seeing corruption at every level of government as never before in our history. The blatant arrogance of our local officials to ignore the law, even to the point the state and federal constitution they will violate to suit their agenda. We have seen city council members mayors collude with developers to steal property abusing the eminent domain laws so they can build a golf course and county club in its place. That is not exactly what I call public use. These local governments are no more than just political whores selling out to the highest bidder for a hand out, just do what the person writing the check tells them to do. Never mind if it is legal or not, just as long it is money for their coffers

            We are seeing a bunch of petty little despots on power trips passing ordinances that are anti business and anti private property. The will send out the building code inspector to harass people who make noise about what they are doing. Government agencies bypassing the legislature in their respective states are lobbying city councils and mayors to take federal grant money as a condition receiving these funds.The city has to violate people's rights and existing laws with the state. They are implementing anti gun laws and the United Nations agenda 21 in return taking federal dollars. Under most city charters and state laws, they are very strict on how the city government should function. The city politicians cannot accept money outside the jurisdiction, only tax dollars through local taxes. Even take money in politcal contributions from ouside the city or state too.

              What we see in Gould Arkansas and in Quartzite Arizona is not an isolated incident at all. These mini tyrannies exist all across America. This is where the city police play the enforcement arm for the corrupt city government to protect the system from the people. The Police are there to serve and protect the corrupt system. They exist for revenue through taxation though citation to enhance the city coffers budget. The State will not intervene and some county sheriffs are in collusion with the corruption. The people have petitioned only to follow with repeated abuses and usurpations for speaking out against the corruption. The state will not intervene when such constitutional violations happen. The people are running out of options to reform the system. An armed revolt might be the only option left on the table when all peaceful and lawful remedies have been exhausted.

               The truth is somewhere in this country. I see the citizens ready to take matters into their own hands in a hostile takeover of a corrupt city government to see what crimes were actually committed against them. Some can be peaceful and some will be an armed resistance to take back their local government. This is why the founders put the second amendment in Bill of Rights amended to our Constitution. It was not meant for deer and duck hunting. Sporting purposes has nothing to do with gun ownership. If you go along with that argument, you will lose. The right to keep and bear arms is in the US Constitution and many State constitutions for a specific purpose. The reason is because when all lawful remedies have been exhausted to bring a peaceful solution to grave injustices. The right to keep and bear arms is a tool of last resort to remove corruption and tyranny from government. When the municipality no longer serves the people, but has become a destructive force against the citizens. The right to take back local government by force of arms is the right of the people.

             If we start seeing this happen where the people in one-city stands up, many more will follow restoring order in city hall when all peaceful remedies do not work anymore. This arrogance can bring a result no one in the Federal government wants. Their plans for tyranny are over for them. If the people take, back their cities and counties from these corrupt groups of people. It is over for the New World Order.


  1. No doubt about it: if we tolerate petty tyranny at the local level, we're going to see grand tyranny at the state and national level. Remember how the Nazis used LOCAL police and LOCAL politicians.

    Gould and Quartzite are "test balloons" to see if they can get away with it. If it works, you'll see an epidemic of this overnight.

    There comes a time when the judicious use of force by the People to protect themselves from the brutal henchmen of corrupt politicians is both necessary and just -- both as self-defense, and to preserve and protect the Bill of Rights.

    When the Executive branch won't do it, and the Legislative branch won't do it, and the Judicial branch won't do it, who's left??

    You and me.


  2. "We are seeing corruption at every level of government as never before in our history." Even during Prohibition?

    "They are implementing anti gun laws and the United Nations agenda 21 taking federal dollars." Agenda 21 is The Statement of Principles for the Sustainable Management of Forests. OH NOES!!

    "What we see in Gould Arkansas and in Quartzite Arizona is not an isolated incident at all." Pretty isolated, I'd say. I mean, so isolated that you didn't even explain anything about them. It would be like me saying, "Same thing that happened at Uncle Bob's last Thanksgiving."

    "to enhance the city coffers budget" The city's coffers have a budget? That's weird.

    "The people have petitioned only to repeat abuses for speaking out." That's an odd thing for the people to do. Why would they petition to repeat abuses?

    "This is why the founder put the second amendment in place" Which one?

    Writing up to your par, as only you can do it. Keep it coming Realman.

  3. Very good. I agree completely with Spartacus, I believe these cases are being ignored from above and are being watched carefully by the federal government. They will certainly be considered a precedent if they go in favor of corrupt status quo. This makes me very concerned.

  4. you should be concerned, arizona today, houston tommorrow..

  5. There is no law that permits the banker’s FRACTAL SYSTEM (go ahead try to find it). In the U.S. there is no law that permits the so-called INCOME TAX on U.S. citizens not employed or doing business with foreign countries. There is also no legal avenue permitting the PRINTING OF MONEY not backed by either gold or silver. There is no law permitting the INVASION OF ANOTHER COUNTRY other than in self-defense to intercept an imminent attack.

    In other words, if the bankers and their government co-conspirators break laws amounting to high treason, then what are you protesting about? Are you asking the vultures to become vegetarians? And why in the name of logic are the police and military doing fighting their own people and helping the demise of their own country? People are confused. Working people serve and create while the criminals here just shuffle paper and pretend to work, to serve, and to create. Their power is an illusion that can be defeated once all workers adopt a common identity and see the paper dealers for what they really are: gangsters and traitors.

  6. There is no doubt about it.It's true.we should remove local gagsters and traitors from city to make more peaceful.

  7. People need to take a pro-active role in everything. Which is why I enjoy reading this blog so much :)

  8. Well you folks said it all.......

    I guess I'll just nod my head up and down, and drink my coffee.

  9. "There is no law that permits the banker’s FRACTAL SYSTEM"

    I have to hand it to you, that is true. There is no law that permits fractal banking.

  10. Government should come towards to control war activities in city.