Friday, July 29, 2011

Is Bush Lying About Sept 11 Again When He First Heard the News We Are Being Attacked?

On that day Sept 11, 2001 when President Bush was in Sarasota Florida at Booker Elementary School reading to a room full of students. I find it very hard to believe we were really under attack. I lived in Bradenton Florida and worked at the 7-11 on 57th avenue and US 41. When I look back hearing deputies from the Sarasota County Sheriffs office told me at the time of that day coming off duty getting fuel or coffee ,there was the standard security motorcade escorting the President to Air Force one. Even to these deputies something did not seem right about it. I have no real confirmation to prove it. That is my first hand accounts from these deputies in how security was so lax to ensure the safety of the President on that day.

We hear when the President's Chief of Staff Andrew Card told the President after the second plane hit the tower that saying we were under attack. You can tell the fix was in already because the secret service did not take the President right away out of danger. The secret service's job is the President's safety. Does anyone question why the children at Booker Elementary School who are sitting ducks if this were a real attack? If we were really under attack by real terrorist as it is the news to be the official story. Would the President's slow reaction put the children in harms way? That is so many questions we must be asking because it has gone so long being unanswered. Why was the President slow to move and respond when the secret service under a real attack would have grabbed the President once the news broke we are under a terrorist attack. If I were the President and a possible target putting everyone around me in danger, especially children, I leave as fast I can to be a moving target. The last thing I want to do is place innocent people in harms way, especially children in a dangerous situation.

To use the excuse I did not wan to cause a panic and wanted to stay calm is a farce. When Andrew Card broke the news whispering in the President’s ear of the news of we are under attack. The President could have ordered at least scramble the fighters to seal the airspace around New York and Washington DC while making a graceful exit out of the school without causing a stir. Waiting 30 minutes to leave to respond to an attack does not add up at all in my mind. If the Children were in any real danger from Osama Bin Laden trying to kill George W. Bush because he is a high profile public figure. Remaining calm excuse does not add up. Waiting 30 minutes is too much time being a big target with children says the fix was in and that Sept 11th was an inside job.

I do not care how former President Bush tries to explain away why he waited 30 minutes to respond to the attacks on Sept 11th. Sorry Mr. President, You story does not add up which means the jig is up. 911 is an inside job. The pet goat story does not fool me.


  1. Is there any other way to explain this other than Bush having had advanced knowledge of the attacks? As I understand it, the secret service doesn't have to ask for the president's permission; there certainly must be protocols that are to be followed. And surely those protocols must involve whisking the president away to safety in such emergencies. Although Bush's recent comments on this topic seem unreasonable, so have many of his comments on most issues. Incompetence or conspiracy?

  2. Oh please, I am surprised that this question was even asked. This War Criminal, insane chimpanzee was fully aware. He is so damned stupid though he just could not hide the idiotic look on his face when it became reality, forcing him briefly out of his fantasy world. He must have thought the CIA and Mossad were just bullshitting. This piece of crap War Criminal, feces eater of the left hand terrorist, must be tried, convicted and executed for his crimes against humanity along with his butt-buddies Rumsfeld, Cheney, Powell, Rice and other various and sundry domestic terrorists in his government. Without prosecution for thier crimes against the American people and the world, our country will cease to be a Republic.

    Robert S. Finnegan
    Jakarta, Indonesia

  3. Ever hear of an alibi? I watched a lot of criminal activity that day and his creating a high-profile alibi was one of them.

  4. Strange behaviour by Bush, if there was a real attack. Good to refresh the memories of the right-wingnut Islamophobes who have drank the purple Kool Aid of the Republican warmongers. So many actually believe the fairy tale that Muslims flew the planes with a couple of lessons in Cessnas.

  5. Anyone with half a brain knows that the deed was done by aliens (and I don't mean Mexicans) posing as Israelis posing as Arabs, eh? G. W. Bush, posing as United Snakes president, gave the gambit away by reading about a pet goat (baphomet) to the innocent schoolchildren (future sacrifices) awaiting their turn at the Bohemian Grove. Meanwhile, Bohemia (bohunks), part of the Czech Republic, reminds me very little that bohunk is an anagram for "bok hun", referring to the bokchoy eating huns of Attila who almost conquered Europe and will again as their successors, the Chinese (aren't all Asians alike?) now own a big chunk of the United Snakes debt, after the taxpayers themselves. Which brings us all back to self-reliance (eh?) and the start of the never-ending circle. Gooooooood Luuuuuuck,'ll certainly need it!!!

  6. It was published for over a week that Bush would be there. Dan Hopsicker of has Atta and at least one other "hijacker" very near the beach resort Bush was staying at. They were , with out any doubt, not on the planes.

    The black boxes finally showed up over a year later, after the cretins had all gone home. None of the pilots had pushed the 'EMERGENCY HIJACKING IN PROGRESS' buttons, and the flight recorders verify that NONE of the cockpit doors opened after takeoff.

    Goats are used in satanic sacrifice rituals. Baphomet,the goat-man, the food. Very English royalty oriented. That Beirvik shooter has been tied with his close association with satanic free masonry and right wing English officials. His father is a retired Norway to England diplomat. Queen lizard is the Grand Patron of free masonry. W wants to be knighted like his father was for selling out America to England through bank deregulation, .and other betrayals of the U.S.
    The exaggerated look of surprise was the most retarded thing Bush did on 9-11. Directly followed by his blank self-indulgent retreat into his own head to savor the evil deed that had just occured. Michele Obama flashed the Aleister Crowley/Anton Levey satanic handsign on two magazine covers right after the election, also not an accident.

  7. Wow, some of you have been doing you're homework. Indeed, it's a patch work puzzle, never the less most of the pieces are there beyond a doubt.

    As I watched the towers fall that day, I was in a conference room full of USAF Officers, on a base in the UK.

    I will never forget the Commander of the Civil Engineers Squadron that was standing closest to the TV.

    He Said: "I know what we just watched gentlemen." "And I also know that what they just said happened is impossible."

    Absolute silence followed his statement as noone in the room disputed his statement.

    That was the day my total distrust of the government was born. Now after a decade of research into the events of that day.

    I have concluded that MOSSAD and elements of the American Shadow government carried out the attack. All others were either scape goats, patsies or minor actors blind to what they were participating in accomplishing.

    I will never have trust again in my government. Unless those who are responsible are brought to justice.

  8. If Bush knew it was going to happen, why did anyone whisper in his ear at all?

    What possible reason could they have to say ANYTHING to him in public? If it didn't come off as "planned" informing him then wouldn't change anything. And if it did work, no need to tell him anything.

    You are basically making the government out to be so brilliant they pulled off 9-11, but so stupid they left clues that any internet idiot can figure out.

  9. Not the government. Criminal employees of the government. See Activist Post : Architects and Engineers Question...Comments section. We need to take the government back, or else. A large group of people knew of the preset charges and the nukes in the basements, also installed during construction. This is something I have known for over 40 years. I was not a participant and I ran out of patience, so I am relating what really went into preloading these buildings. The victims would get off on justifiable homicide against their attorney. Please read the Activist Post reference. The demolition system was retriggered by nanothermate installed at the impact levels to cut the cores in half and get the load sensors to be activated. This is not supposition either. Nanothermate was not available in the mid-1960s. And NO WAY these buildings could have been loaded, including nukes, without the military, executive, judicial,and National Guard and all the occupants knowing. The Comments are mine 'Howard T. Lewis III', and I kid you not. Chris Bollyn, Jeff Prager,, Tom Flocco, Conspiracy Planet,Gordon Duff, Dr. Alan Sabrosky, Mike Rivero, etc., for more answers. Be quick, These people are murderers and so is Obummer.