Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The War on Terror Has Finally Lost all Credibility?

We are approaching the 10-year anniversary of September 11, 2001. We have to look back at who stands to gain from all this? Who profited and used the event to enrich themselves? I can tell you after all these years. The people of the Middle East who were the targets did not gain anything. They have been the victims of a preemptive interventionist foreign policy that has been the official policy by the Bush Administration. The people who stood to gain for all this was not the American people and definitely not the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and Pakistan. Humanity was on the losing end of the stick in a post 9-11 world.

Back in October of 2001, with people’s fears on the point of anxiety looking for answers to secure the republic. The congress was given the Patriot Act to vote on saying we need it now. There was no time to read the bill or to debate the legislation. The congress formed the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security. All this was supposed to keep us safe, as we were being hearing in government talking points to believe. We were to believe this would not endanger our liberties and the Constitution would not be a concern. We went into Afghanistan and Iraq under the auspices of getting Al Qaeda and Saddam's weapons of mass destruction. We find out after the fact Osama Bin Laden has been dead for 10 years and Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction. The only weapons that can be seen in Iraq was our soldiers torturing innocent people and terrorizing the families by kicking doors down in the dark of night.

This War on Terror was a farce from the start. This war has a faceless enemy, no exit strategy, and no way can we declare victory. We can see this phony war on terrorism was a smoke screen for the Military Industrial complex to go fight wars for Israel, for the bankers and the authoritarian politicians who want our freedoms in the name keeping us safe from those evil terrorist. We see how KBR the subsidiary of Halliburton profited immensely off the war in Iraq. We see the rise of fusion centers and the militarization of the police accelerate. We see the humiliation of passengers at the Airports by the TSA that now declares breast bombs and rectal bombs a threat to air travel; they grope people, all this is a nightmare just to board a plane.

Now we have to question all this nonsense and our government policies like never before. When we see an old lady being forced to take off a diaper, a young boy being felt up and a former governor being forced through unnecessary measure that really do not make anyone any safer before 9-11-01. All this to fly on a airplane. We have to start speaking out saying” is this all necessary?" People see Sept 11 as an inside job now and the justification for all this Police State measures have to be a call into question the nature of such measures being policy. Our foreign policy of starting undeclared wars has to see a resistance. There is no substantiated evidence to prove breast bombs as implants in a woman, that liquids might be explosives and most of all that white people are the new Al Qaeda threat. Why are the US Marshals becoming the National Police Force? We have local Police and Sheriffs to secure their counties. There is no reason for a national Police force to fight terrorism.

We have to conclude that the War on Terror was a ruse to get us to go along with the President based on fear. We allowed our fears to cloud our ability to use common sense to see things for what they are. We see today. We are almost bankrupt as a nation. These wars are draining the purse. We now see that this faceless undeclared War on Terror has its gun sights set on us. We are now the threat to the establishment ,we are losing our homes and jobs at a record pace. The Federal government now aid and abets the criminal activity of the bankers to screw us over out of house and home. The Federal government is now the threat to our safety and well-being. We see them as a threat to our life liberty and property. In the name of fighting the terrorist, they have become the terrorist that attacks freedom daily. They are the people that hate our freedoms and despise us. That is our own US Government who is the threat to us.

When we see the swine, flu scare and to the underwear bomber, name a fabricated crisis. All these incidents and so-called crisis trying to scare the people into submission. The government's answer is a jackbooted thug with a MP-5 pointing at us. When draconian measures with tyranny as the solutions to their answer to everything. I see the agenda to dominate and tyrannize us using every crisis made up or real to justify the end game. When we see the solutions is more tyranny and fewer freedoms. What they say are threats are this group of people and that movement. It says they have no more credibility anymore to justify this phony war on terror anymore. Now it is time to call them out on it or we live our day with a boot on our face if we chose to do nothing. We are winning and they are losing because their lies are coming home to roost.

 If you beleive brown people living in caves in Tora Bora are out to get us. You are living an illusion. The war on Terror is a war against us if you ignore it or not.


  1. The war on terror is the biggest HOAX in US history !

  2. 911 was "Operation Frame Muslims" and sold to the world by the Zionist owned press and their sayanim shills.

    Google "Israel did 911 - All the proof in the World" to catch up if you need to.

  3. Can't lose something you never had. Obvious fraud from the very start.

  4. When did this evil and putrid charade ever have any credibility to start? Down with the crime syndicate in Washington D.C. and on Crapitol Hill.

  5. We need to teach the people before they get hungry. And they will get hungry during the last steps of the NWO end game.

    It turns out that it is possible to isolate websites and pre-screen incoming emails. If one's website or commentary is particularly effective at exposing a fact which hits hard on certain points the free mason /new world order or the free masons' head Patron, queen lizard don't like, they have all the tricks to drop a piano on it.

    The comments I posted at Activist Post: Architects and Engineers Question... Comments are as important material concerning the set up of demolitions at the WTCs and Sears tower as I have found anywhere, but I receive next to 'ZERO' responses. There is an ongoing violent military attack going on. Norway being the latest to be hit. If you follow the money trail, the shooter's father is a Norwegian diplomat to England and the shooter is a free mason, where the #1 free mason is the queen of England. The shooter, Beirvik, is photoed proudly wearing his free mason soldiers' uniform. Or maybe it is his bellhops' suit.

    All those young people were not greedy. They were not planning any threat. They were killed because they represented stability for Norway and fair play with the rest of the world. Something the free masons and the queen of England are never going to give, and never have.

  6. can you say dirty little zionist cockroaches

  7. David Rockefeller publicly thanked the media for keeping the banking interests plans towards internationalism secret.

    We see Bilderbergers such as Presidential advisor George Stephanopolous and CIA agent Anderson Cooper go on to work for the lapdog media and are being celebrated as hero's for the people when they really are nothing but members of the criminal syndicate. They laugh and smile at you while covering up the true agenda of the masters final stages to consolidate power for the planners of the New World Order.

    Many other powerful war criminals, such as Chertoff and Cheney are still on the payroll of various companies profiting from the bogus war on terror.

    The war on terror is just another link in the chain of the beast.
    Louis McFadden on the stock market crash of 1929;
    "The great depression was a carefully contrived occurrence by international bankers seeking to bring about a condition of despair so that they might emerge as rulers of us all." Congressman McFadden was also Chairman of the House Banking Committee.

  8. Terrorism is a state tool to demonize or dehumanize a group of people to gain the support of the root populous to kill on a grand scale. Terrorism is a means for one group (Christians) to kill another group or groups (Islam and Muslims). Terrorism is a warping of our moral fabric of what it means to be a free, just, and honorable society and at the same time it limits our own freedom and liberty in the name of self protection. Fighting terrorism is likened to a modern crusade where the goal is utter destruction of a foreign group of peoples whose ideals differ from our own. But you must remember that they are all human too, they love just like us, they love their families and their children, and by killing them, we kill a small part of ourselves.

  9. Good rant. It's like the coup is complete, and we just haven't been told yet. It was a month after 9/11 when that shadow government us conspiracy buffs used to get made fun of for thinking was truth was at last admitted to in the network television news, then the US Treasury sends pallets of 100 dollar bills to disappear in the Iraq quagmire, and we fall for the same trick the CIA pulled on Russia to drag them into an un-winnable war in Afghanistan. 9/11 should have been the last straw, but instead it was the death of collective critical thinking because we all should have known controlled demolitions when we see them. Someone's laughing all the way to what? The bank? World conquest? PNAC Pax Americana/Greater Israel? Some people are obviously destroying this country, this economy, this middle class, this Constitution from within, and only aware Americans can stop it. The death is, after all, by suicide. If George W. Bush doesn’t belong on the top of the list of culprits then he needs to tell US all who should be the main culprit, or else tell it to the judge.

  10. The blessing of freedom and liberty will descend upon us when we learn to shed the fear for our safety and security. We can choose to live as slaves to fear over our safety or to live in the liberty of hope and faith in the Creator. Heed the meaning of the resurrection. There is no death. The Creator is of the living not of the dead. He even has the hairs on our heads numbered.


  12. Northern Europe is always rated the #1 best place to live! every year SO, who hates them for living well? You guessed it NWO do not want the citizens of the USA FLOODING to great safe wonderfull places to LIVE WELL in north Europe.
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    The corporate NAZIs HATE their wonderful products and economic success.
    HELP the world this year travel and spend your dollars in northern Europe instead of the HOLY LAND!

  13. The whole world is held hostage to the threats of a tiny minority who have enslaved the worlds peoples via the money changers. Jesus warned us of them, our founding fathers set up our laws to protect us from them and now we are enslaved by them. Our Creator commanded us to fear no other than He who made us. That is why our enemies weaken us enticing us into disobedience to our God. Our enemies are known by their fruits. Do not FEAR them!

  14. Thanks, love this site!