Thursday, July 21, 2011

Freshman Congressman Dig Your Heels in ,You Have a Traitor Among You. His Name is John Boehner

               One of the first things the freshmen class in the House of Representatives should understand is. Making deal with the President will not profit you anything but a one term in the congress. Speaker of the House John Boehner has the boss as Barrack Obama. The reason why this country is in so much trouble is compromise and throwing principle out the window. This is the time for any compromise whatsoever. This is the time to hold true and not cave in.

              This nation cannot afford to raise the debt ceiling. We all know John Boehner is going around and twisting the arms of the freshman class to conform to the party. He wants everyone to go along with an increase in the debt ceiling. The people have spoken last the election of no more borrowing. The government borrowing has eroded the value of our wages and earning. It has taken away our purchasing power when we shop at the local market. Just face the facts. John Boehner is no more Conservative than Nancy Pelosi is. He talks like a conservative but govern the same, as a globalist will.

               Without raising the debt ceiling, there is no more corporate welfare for the robber barons on Wall Street and in the Major Central Banks. President Obama cannot have a defeat in his own mind. One major loss could shift the momentum against the White House walking over the Constitution. Do not allow the Speaker of the House to twist your arms to vote against what you believe. You do not work for him. You work for us. Who cares what the Republican leadership wants. They have been the problem all along holding back this great republic from turning back the downward slide.

               John Boehner is the traitor among you. He is not doing anything to reign in the out of control White House. He is not stopping the assault on our freedoms. He is doing nothing for us. He is working for the same bosses that control the White House. He is not a leader but a gatekeeper for the Bankers and the ruling elite hiding in the shadows. Vote no on raising the debt limit and tell John Boehner that you do not work for him, that you work for the people back home.



  1. It is our own fault!

    The American people are oblivious to it all.

    We are the most over fed, over medicated, over entertained, under educated, dumped down population on the planet.

    You want to blaim someone folks, look in the damned mirror!

    Get to work! Do Something, Say Something, Learn Something, at the very least pick a side and support something!

    And for christsake!, don't forget actions speak louder then words!

    So look at the record of the moron you are about to vote into office before you cast that vote.

    Ron Paul 2012

  2. I agree with everything OneOfBillions said above except for the last sentence. Casting a vote for someone has little to do with what the final tally will be. Thanks to "touch screen - no paper record" voting, the winner is determined long before you get your ballot.

  3. Yeah and the TeaBaggers are traitors too, they want 3rd World America with 85% of us in poverty and the children of Murdoch, Walton, Koch and DeVos living in ivory towers. John Boner can choke on banker cock in Hell.

  4. Don't confuse the supporters of Ron Paul, the ORIGINAL Tea Party. With the Hyjacked TEAPARTY/TEA BAGGERS of the GOP/NEO CONS. They are no-where near the same.

    The touch screens are set for vote fraud that's a proven fact.

    That could only happen with the participation of many many citizen traitor's to our country and founding ideals.

    So Whats the answer?

    YOU MY FRIEND! Be the change you want to see!

    Get envolved at the local level, volunteer for vote watch. And if you see fraud, document it first, then scream fraud loud and don't shut-up!

    To many people keep sitting around griping, waiting for someone else to fix it. Time to get off your butts and get in the fight.

    Quit being sucked into the two party, good cop bad cop game. Isn't it obvious, Obama has out Bushed Bush. If that don't show you there is no differences between the two sides nothing will.
    They all take bribes/contributions from the same damned pac's. So why the hell would you expect a difference in they're actions.

    If I'm not right, how come Bush didn't recend any of Clinton's executive orders, and Obama didn't recend any of Bush's executive orders.

    Simple: They work for the same masters, and have the same altimate agenda's.

    Vote Ron Paul 2012!
    Check his record people, it says it all!

    Or prepare to suffer like America never has in her history.

  5. Its not MY fault....I was born into debt thru a system of vote fraud and corruption...I am NOT paying the % of the debt the jew banksters say I fact I will burn and loot the homes of those tax addicted junkie government flunkies when the power goes out or the next nigger is killed by pigs and the riots start.

  6. Yeah, they are planning for that.

    That's why they have shut themselves up in they're nifty little gated communities. Guess they haven't figured out what nifty little prison camps those gates are going to make. In they're effort to lock the riff raff out, they have made it very easy to have themselves locked in.

    However, I don't feel all is lost yet. We the people must get off our collective asses and set things straight. For our childrens sake if nothing else.

  7. One word Recall the freshman congress. Stop wasting the American time. Want to send a message "Recall"