Monday, July 18, 2011

Will Obama Use Dirty Tricks to Inflict Pain on Americans ,if He does not Get his Way?

?              To ignore this President and see how low he will go to get his way. A man who cannot accept defeat or live with a loss getting what he wants. This is a man in desperation. His popularity is at an all time low. He defied public opinion on Obamacare and the war on Libya ramming it down our throats. The American people are saying no to raise the debt ceiling and tax increases. The Congress is not budging either. This could be a blow to his agenda if the will of the people prevails and takes away Obama's credit card to run up more debt.

               He has thrown everything at us to scare people saying gloom and doom. He said he would stop Medicare payments and stop sending social security checks out to scare people to submit to his spending binge. He made the threats of not being able to pay the Military if the government shut down because they ran out of money designating our Armed force non essential personal when is are required in the Constitution to provided for the defense of the nation. On raising the debt ceiling and tax increases. The President is a cornered rat with egg on his face with a phony poll about 80% percent favor other people paying higher taxes as a way to exploit class envy.

               What really has me worried is how he can play the Illegal aliens and the people dependent on the system against us. If the fight to raise the debt ceiling becomes a political dogfight were the tea party people staying true to their commitment to stop the spending and borrowing are standing in Obama's way. I can see the President using more methods that are coercive to persuade these people to change their minds. The President can further cut off unemployment benefits, food stamps. WIC and AFDC turning a group of people into a political weapon against the producers in society using class warfare tactics. He can use these means to inflict pain on America as a punishment for not seeing things his way.

               I can see him inciting the blacks and the illegal aliens to go after the productive people and the person who is trying to play by the rules. The President will say it is our fault they are not getting their government handout because we are not willing to pay our fair share and refuse to raise the debt ceiling to pay for the welfare state. I can see the President using the illegal alien population in these major sanctuary cities to shut down of even riot because most of them receive welfare assistance of some form for the federal government. Americans will be demonized and made to feel guilty for not paying enough.We will be considered heartless about the poor starving because there is no food stamps. We will be blamed for the riots and the dead as a result of our selfishness. The President will make it our fault because we refuse to allow Obama to have his way to borrow and spend to oblivion. We characterized being too stingy and not willing to share in the sacrifice. Do not be surprised if the Mexican government weighs in trying to convince congress to raise the debt ceiling to pay for their people's welfare benefits.

              This President will play dirty using the population that is most dependent on the government as a political weapon against the middle class or the producers of society still making a living. He is running out of political ammunition playing the fear game using ultimatums to scare people not getting their social security check becoming homless. This President will inflict pain on us if we do not let him have his way. He will play the poor dependency class and the illegal aliens against the productive people as the scapegoat for them not getting their government handout. With the sight cities burning on the News, with people crying for the rioting to stop because the violence is so bad. We can see the clamp down on the population using the rioting as a precursor for a more oppressive police state. The actual declaration of Martial Law to restore order in the cities with FEMA at the helm. The President might be one-step ahead, so we must be on guard.

              I just hope the President will bow to the will of the people and accept defeat. If the President is going to use tactics to incite a segment of people to riot because he is saying there is no money for entitlements to send out because Congress will not allow him to borrow money anymore, which is a lie. I hope people drive him out of office for crimes trying to use one group of people to attack another for political reasons. The audacity to resort to allowing innocent people to be hurt and killed by an angry mob for political reasons is a crime. We cannot underestimate this President to use every trick in the book to hold onto power. If he is going to make the cities burn for his gain as a means to an end. We must be one-step ahead of him before he even tries to pull such a stunt. Do not underestimate Obama. He does not play fair. In his mind, the end justifies the means. So expect him to play dirty if he is a sore loser.


  1. The guy is completely marginalised by his bosses.He is the zionists' scapegoat This is just a bit of grandstanding, while more of the tracks of the stolen trillions is obscured. When the time comes, nothing will be left, but devastation of a nation that knows no other way of life than credit........

  2. yet another article I will not read due to your WHITE ON BLACK Contrast

  3. obummer said he would "stop sending social security checks out" if he doesn't get his way.
    If he does that, all retirees who paid into social security for years and years need to file class-action suit against him for breach of contract.

    (and 'anonymous' who says he won't read the truth because of white-on-black, isn't that putting context ahead of content?)

  4. Henry's response is true. Obama bowed to somebody before he came out with this latest brick in the prison U.S.A. exterior wall. If we could physically confront him, and had equal access to his personal space, he would bow to the country AND the central bank would have to find a new line of work.

    The zionists, with Al 'I got a 'D' in Natural Science' Gore pushing 'Global Warming' and the carbon credit scam is an attempt to create something to replace the City of London's monopoly on credit which would be lost with a constitutional national banking system.

    The 9-11, GOM, weather wars and Wall Street attacks all are run from the same war room. Just like in 1913 when WWI, cholera epidemic, IRS,CFR,and Jehovah's Witnesses were all launched during an adverse weather trend and intentional economic downturn to befuddle and 'blank-out' the masses who had to learn about these things while already saturated with stress from their full-time jobs.

  5. The government of America which will never be confused with governing at all is a criminal enterprise, operated by criminals and their criminal scumbag associates for personal enrichment via a vast array of terrorist tactics.

  6. This is what one gets when they buy into the elect the lesser of two evils mentality.

    The elite always win because they own all the horses in the race. Thus giving the naive idiots of America the illusion that they have some say in who governs them.

    It's simple really.

    Elect Ron Paul President, or be prepared for WW III and all the death and destruction it will bring.

    I won't hold my breath.

    In anycase, buy food, medicine, ammo, and guns, you're gonna be needing them.

  7. What is ACTUALLY happening out there is so painfully obvious that anyone who doesn't mention it is either a total sheep or is on their side.

    WE NEVER BEAT THE BRITISH!! We are still owned by the Bank of England. And the bank of england is owned by Satan. That's why The Founding Fathers fought so hard against the british Empire. They knew they were fighting for GOD as much as they were fighting for freedom.

    Think about it! Orgone, Obama. British, Barak. Figure it out!!!

    Al Gore, Global Warming, carbon credits, London's monopoly, London's curry, a constitutional national banking system, strawberry ice cream, 9-11, GOM, GDM, GDP, PDQ, XYZ, weather wars, that Junkyard Wars show they used to have, Wall Street attacks, WWI, cholera, inability to dunk, IRS, CFR, KGB, Jehovah's Witnesses.

    It's all connected people!!!!1

  8. It's a multi headed snake Rooty. Hidden within secret societies around the World. The Masonic orders are only the duped foot soldiers of the most elite Secret Societies. But I'm sure you already know that.

    After 16 years of daily research I have yet to find the bottom of the rabbit hole. As you stated, it is all connected. The Satanic symbolism is everywhere you look these days. They are so confident they have won the battle between good and evil, they don't even conceal much of it anymore.

    Ignorance abounds among the masses, much of it willful. Modern mans endless search for "Happiness", leaves him little time for seeking knowledge or wisdom. Indeed they have fooled most of the people, but not all of us.

    Everyday the Tyranny becomes more and more visible to those that pay attention.

    I have learned you simply cannot force feed the average guy/gal infomation. If they haven't taken the first step of seeking concealed knowledge, they are usually not willing to absorb it.

  9. The infomation below is likely much of the reason Americans seem so docile in the face of what is going on in this country.

    "This might make ya wonder whats in those lines in the sky they are always spraying."

    Leaked Pentagon Video - Flu Vaccine Use to Modify Human Behavior.

  10. Things are so bad I think everyone should make friends and discover who the real enemy is--it is neither a registered Republican, Democrat or Independent. We must not let ourselves be divided by the disgusting circus that comes at us in the media.


  12. "Anonymous said...

    I you advocate silence?

    Clearly you have offered nothing of use.

    Did you take offense with something said?

    Would you possibly be one of the many life long Masonic stooges?

    It would make sense, after all you can't speak openly about Masonic rights of any sorte. Can you?

    According to Albert Pikes book, you would be subject to having your throat slit, and your tongue pulled thru the incission to make a grusome tie for all to see.

    Sounds like good christian fun to me! "Freaking Not".

    "The enslaved suffer in silence", that would be you my friend!

    No Sir! It was you're pathetic pointless comment that was stupid.