Saturday, July 30, 2011

Is Obama Trying to Create Order Out of Chaos with the Debt Crisis?

In my lifetime, I never have seen such an administration more outrageous than yesterday hearing what comes out in the news. It seems only to get worse as days go by. What really angers me last week is old news already, do you agree? Then something new gets me upset about that is more bizarre than the last. This all happens when we thought it could not get any worse. This debt crisis is a creation by design when it does not have to be, when August 2 comes around not raising the debt ceiling. I will look outside and see if the sky has not fallen. Life goes on.


We now have seen a President who plays dirty when he has all but lost the political fight. This man cares nothing about the laws of the United State or the Constitution. When he addressed the nation using scare tactics of not sending out Social Security checks and paying the Military is congress is not raising the debt ceiling, the government can still make its obligations sending out the checks, paying out armed forces and most of all paying the bondholders who own our debt. We hear the President trying to hold a group of people hostage to get what he wants. Obama wants to borrow this nation more into debt for his bosses, the bankers.


I have been hearing reports of the Military deploying units around the country for possible civil unrest because people not having their welfare checks, food stamps and other social services. I can see him cutting off these services to create chaos to justify Martial law and a police state crack down on dissidents to further control the population. We all know the slogan of the Obama administration” Never let a good crisis go to waste". If the President can create chaos and civil unrest with rioting crying out for Obama to stop the violence by an unpopular solution, otherwise the people will not accept as long the pain stops this President inflicted on the country in the first place, and not congress he will point his fingers at as the problem. We can see Obama blaming his opposition for the burning of US cities. The tea party members in congress who did not vote to raise the debt limit will be the blame, being the scapegoat for this crisis.


Thanks to the Internet and the alternative media. I do not believe the President will get away with causing civil unrest and blaming congress for the crisis. Without a debt ceiling, no entitlement do not have to be cut off, the military can be paid and social security checks can still go out. There is enough money coming in to meet its obligations whether it is constitutional and unconstitutional. We have the revenue coming in every month. The President is abusing the power of his office to create an unnecessary crisis for political gain. As long as the alternative media keeps moving, forward fearless and relentless in the face of a tyrant. We will take back out republic from this imperial President and be free for the Bankers. We cannot let this opportunity to pass by either when we are winning the info war while the President is losing the public relations war on the debt crisis.


  1. The desperate, satanic criminals in the White House, senate and congress are toast in 2012 just for having their faces seen in connection with this attempted murder of the American People. They are CRIMINALLY INSANE AND CAPABLE OF ANYTHING, and must be stopped at all costs from terrorizing and killing the old, disabled and middle class, the "useless eaters" as War Criminal Henry Kissinger and pal eugenicist William "Kill 'Em Bill" Gates so succinctly put it. These “lawmakers” that have terrorized millions of Americans will never see re-election – that is IF there is an election in 2012. Regardless, as of now the “Barry and The Boner Show” has been cancelled by The People due to bad ratings and the feces eaters of the left hand in the White House, congress, the senate and their various and sundry sycophants are in for one hell of a surprise.

    Robert S. Finnegan
    Jakarta, Indonesia

  2. It's not just POTUS. All members of the political filth class are evil.

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