Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Truth About the Abortion Issue Republicans and Democrats Will Not Tell You

               I am pro life to say for the record. I do not approve of abortion under any circumstance. There are many alternativces like adoption and advances in Medical science has took almost removed the danger to a woman giving birth to a child. If we are going to be a just and moral society, we proclaim to be waving our flags saying” God Bless America!”.To me it is empty rhetoric if there is not action to back it up. We as a people have to stand up for those who cannot speak or defend themselves. If we do not back it up,it is just words that ring hollow. What I despise is both parties using the abortion issue as a political football to say who is righteous from the Christian conservative end; at the same time the pro choice crowd says a woman has a right to choose. This is a political football used to pander to the base of both parties. The Declaration of Independence states we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Abortion infringes on a person’s right to life.

                I have been observing how both sides do things. The Christian side will pass laws knowing it will be struck down in court. They will keep doing this saying to their loyal sheep” We have done what we could, but the courts keep striking us down." The other side said, "We will keep fighting for a woman's right to choose". I am sick of seeing this phony political mudslinging going back and forth never talking about the real core issue behind the nonsense. They keep saying if Roe vs. Wade is overturned at the US Supreme Court. There will be back ally abortions because no more access to have a safe abortion. They attack nominee for US circuit Court Judgeship and the candidate who might be a justices to sit on the US Supreme Court. It makes a good fundraiser for both sides when these events happen. Abortion is a good diversion tactic the Bankers and Money Junkies will use to steal the wealth from this nation.

                  What they do not tell you about Roe vs. Wade has to be told. If Roe vs. Wade was overturned tomorrow. Abortion would not be outlawed on bit. The practice would continue regardless if the court decision were there or not. The only thing that would change is the states will determine if abortion will be legal or not. The several states will decide the limitations on abortion. The issue of abortion would be removed from Federal jurisdiction pretty much. The issue of abortion is a 9th and 10th amendment issue and has nothing to do with a Woman's right to choose. Roe vs. Wade was a Federal power grab taking away power from the states to decide on the issue. Let the states and the people determine the moral standards on abortion. Abortion is a states rights issue, just as slavery was. Congress very easily could have removed jurisdiction from the lower Federal circuit courts on the abortion issue and even school prayer issues. Congress does have the power to decide the jurisdiction of the lower courts except the US Supreme Court. Congress created the lower courts; the can also determines its jurisdiction. The Constitution gives the congress that power.

              The truth is as I see it. The Religious freedom issues and the Abortion issues could have been stopped without Federal circuit court intervention. Even the Gay marriage issue. No issues, both sides want to solve one bit. They like these issues to deceive their followers to keep as an election issue. They never want to say these issues belong to the states to decide. Roe vs. Wade is just another political football for this phony political infighting just to divert the voters away from the Wall Street money junkies and the Bankers stealing out nation blind through the income tax or inflation. I am not so caught up with a candidate if pro life or not. I just wonder if they are for or against the bankers is the real issue. Because these Robber Barons are the at the core of every aiment we are dealing with today. Abortion is just a diversion they use while they steal us blind.


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  1. "advances in Medical science has took almost removed the danger to a woman giving birth to a child."

    According to the World Health Organization, nearly 400,000 women died in childbirth in 2010. America is seventh on the maternal death list.

    Why do you make statements when you have absolutely no facts to back them up?