Saturday, July 23, 2011

Is the False Flag Terror Card Getting Harder to Play?

              Ever since Sept 11, 2001, there is been overwhelming evidence that it was a government sponsored operation for the purpose of new wars and a domestic police state. If we look at who benefits and who does not. You can see the Military industrial complex has reaped much profit ever since that day the towers collapsed. Adolf Hitler burned the Reichstag for putting an oppressive Police State in place. In both events, the government used a group of people to demonize as the problem to take away their rights of due process. We used the Muslims and Germany used the Jews.


              The Federal government is behind the mission to bomb the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City bombing to attack its own Federal Building to go after the militia movement and conservative talk radio. The White House was very quick to point fingers at his opposition as the ones responsible for the attack. At the time Bill Clinton was in trouble politically and the new congress stalled much of his agenda. He needed an event for the people to have restored confidence in his leadership. President George W. Bush was becoming very unpopular too and the American people had no faith in his leadership. Then the attacks on 9-11-01 happen and his approval numbers move up. False flag terror was a very convenient tool used by government when the people become discontent with government. This was a method used for the people to rally around an unpopular government.


               With the age of the Internet and the rise of the alternative media as a new source of news the people are now reading. This combination has exposed these false flag government sponsored terrorism. During the London 7-7 bombings, these explosions happened during a drill using the exact same scenario. When 9-11 happened, there was a drill going on at the same time of the very same type of event where planes were hijacked, crashed into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. Even on this day, NORAD is to stand down and with many Air Force bases surrounding Washington DC. They never scrambled fighter jets to protect the air space over the nation’s capital. Flight 77 is able to hit the Pentagon without any resistance from fighter jets. Both events did not happen by incompetence, it happened by design for political reasons. If you still believe Osama Bin Laden did this from a cave in Afghanistan, then I have ocean front beach property in Wyoming I want to sell you.


               Yesterday in Oslo Norway, there was an explosion and a shooting calling it a terrorist attack claiming people with blond hair and blue eyes people were responsible for the attack. There was drill going on in Oslo the night before and at the same place where the shooting happened.there was a pro Palestinian rally prior. What was the reason behind these attacks? I say it is because the bankers of Western Europe want to implode Europe's economy and put in place getting countries to sign onto a debt the people in Europe do not owe. The Bankers now are being the frauds they are. The people are watching them and these Bankers are pushing governments to sign onto Austerity measures giving money to the Banks while the people are impoverished living in slavery. These attacks serve as a diversion for an unpopular government to convince the people to rally behind their hated leaders going after the evil doers while signing away the wealth of a nation to the Robber Barons.


                The false flag terror card is getting harder to play. Police have been exposed being provocateurs trying to demonize peaceful protesters. In every attack in government-sponsored terrorism, there is the same pattern of it just being a drill when it is found out later. How does the government benefit? The underwear bomber was allowed on the plane by orders from high-level government officials. The reason is so they can put the Full Body scanners in the major Airports. Also, to put Airline Passengers through an intrusive groping by the TSA as a condition to board a plane. The more false flag terror is exposed, the harder for the government to act when everyone is watching. The alternative media have been on this for a long time asking the questions that need to asked, finding the answers no one in the mainstream media will look at. The government is losing and just about to lose another card to play, that is false flag terror.



  1. The sad thing is too many American sheeple will continue to buy the official story, hook, line and sinker, especially the phew-occupant Corporate Church Christians. The numbskulls in the pulpits will throw the Muslim-terrorist card and the Churchers will smile and say "we must kill ALL Muslims, because god wants us too."

  2. stuff i have read in the last 36 hours...right too the point of the golden truth..and its this truth witch will hammer to pieces all the matrix of lies and deceit...looks like murdering murcocks empire is falling to pieces too....may it rest in pieces...and the united snakes..the monster dies too..its at its last former great republic..destroyed by morons...never thought i would see the day..but the sleepers have awoke..time to take it all back..or destroy them who seek to keep this machine of evil alive.the united snakes..a true Frankenstein monster...

  3. The majority of Americans will never believe their government would do anything purposely to hurt the American people. After all, this is America, we're exceptional. And they will keep voting for the same two criminal parties, they can't conceive of voting for anyone who isn't Republican or Democrat.

    Never have so many ignorant people been so brainwashed.

  4. well said:Nobodysaysboo

  5. When I heard the news about the killing of 84 childrens at a Norwegian holiday camp! My first thinking, that it was done by persons from the "most moral" army in the world!
    Today surfing the net pove my instinct right!
    A brainwashed Norwegian patsy? Sayanim? Whatever, there was more than one to shoot so many childrens!
    Ask anyone trained by the Arm Forces if it's possible by ONE man to kill 84 childrens which are running away targets?

  6. Please, PLEASE read a history book! Nazi Germany was NOT an oppressive "Police State".

    WWII Germany experienced the best economic growth in modern history. It was a time of huge personal, professional, artistic, and scientific accomplishment.

    From the plane you fly in to the butter you eat, that evil Nazi Germany invented or improved it.

    To call Germany of that time an evil regime is to completely swallow what THEY want you to believe. You swallow it, then repeat it. Who's the sheeple now?

  7. @Rooty tooty stop believing what you read in HIS-Story books.The people of Germany were divided by a wall and conquered by fascists..if you spoke out against Hitler you were put to death..that sounds like fascism to me..the people did not benefit from this..only the elite!! so quit being a moron and eat fodder! thank you!

  8. Yes, it is getting far too hard to play with a sector of us. Unfortunately like someone has already mentioned we are in the vast minority. Really is time never carefully chosen as the method of attack? Who honestly believes someone was targeting a govt official on a Friday afternoon? Get real! Think about it, very rarely-if ever- is any of the ruling elite every actually taken out. Please don't point to Giffords, she was a virtual unknown before her shooting-hardly part of the elites. None of them are touched, ever. Which means these attackers are show for we the plebians.

  9. "The people of Germany were divided by a wall and conquered by fascists"

    Uh, you do understand that the Berlin wall was put up AFTER World War 2, don't you?

  10. as result of the second world war..