Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It is Time to Break Up The Corporate Monopoly Government Partnerships. No More Corporate Fascism

              My fellow readers let us all face facts. The Bankers and Corporate America has taken over our government. Our Representative Republic no more exists, as we know it. The Robber Barons give the orders to our Congress and the President on what to do. If they do not do it, there is hell to pay. The biggest corporate government partnership is the Federal Reserve Bank. This private central bank controls the issuance of the currency using the force of government to wipe out any competition with any form of alternative currencies. President John F, Kennedy was assassinated because he dared issuing silver notes interest free for the people's benefit competing with the Federal Reserve fiat paper money. The Federal Reserve Bank and the Federal government are involved in anti competitive practices no allowing the people a choice what they use as a means of exchange for goods and services.

              Whatever you want to call it or name it as you see it. The Oil Cartel, The Banking Cartel, The Diamond Cartel, the Pharmaceutical Cartel, The Medical Cartel and soon to be the food Cartel all seek to use the force of government to attack their competition . John D Rockefeller stated that competition is a sin. Monopolies do not happen in a vacuum. These corporate monsters arise with government intervention and help. Why I am saying this to you? It is because all these corporations now write the legislation and lobby congress to pass it into law. They write these laws in a specific way where the laws do not apply to them and shut down their competition. They have lawyers in the US Justice Department to make sure no anti trust litigation ever becomes known exposing their anti competitive practices.

               One of the biggest examples I can point out illustrating a corporation and government partnership. In that, alliance between government and Multinational Corporation is a match made in hell. We can see how a major corporation is using the force of government to destroy their competition. The company General Electric, the giant conglomerate that sits on President Obama's economic council. One of the Benefits GE has is using the connection they have with government to ban tungsten light bulbs to force consumers to buy very hazardous florescent light bulbs. Through Cap and Trade regulations, General Electric helped to write so they can have control over electricity production. President Obama is using the arm EPA being GE's hired gun are shutting down coal fire plants for exceeding carbon emissions rules GE is exempt from. This is to implement policies. To create an artificial scarcity so they can jack up the prices because there is no competition to challenge them. Therefore, denying the people a choice.

                 Not only just General Electric using the force of government to shut down their competitors,  this is a corporate giant creating a giant monopoly on electric production with no free market to set the price. Big Agribusiness and Pharmaceutical industries are going after alternative medicines and dietary supplements. They are lobbying cities to ban home gardens. They are approaching states to use SWAT teams to go after organic food co-ops, Amish farmers selling raw milk and local farmers markets. They are working hard to shut down the family farms because they are a threat to their monopoly they are trying to build to control the whole market with no competition. We have seen Wal Mart coming into small towns promising to have a positive effect on the community. In reality this super retailer using unfair trade policies and anti competitive practices, the truth is Wal Mart helped write the rules ,so they undercut local small merchants for the purpose to shut down their competition. These Monopoly men helped kill Main Street to enrich the Wall Street money junkies and the Bankers.

                 The only way we will be able to take back our republic is to break the government partnership with these corporations. I would suggest cities and counties pressure their Attorney Generals to start anti trust litigation .We have to stop shopping at these retail giants, supporting our local small business instead for our goods and services. We are paying a high cost for low prices. We are having a corporate fascist dictatorship forced upon us where we are denied the choice what goods and services we want because we are forced to buy from a few select companies. As a consumer and a citizen who likes many choices to chose from. It is time we break the stranglehold of the corporate fascist using the force of government to gain the upper advantage over the competition. The government belongs to us; our elected servant serves the people, and not the corporatist. Corporatism must end or our republic will perish.


  1. Good. Very, very good.
    Stop buying ANYTHING multinational if possible.
    Vote with your buying power.
    GE is a major war machine company.
    Buying GE kills innocent civlians in foreign third world countries.


  2. There seems to be a dillusion that we are under a regime of fascism. If we truely were under such a regime, we would not have middlemen, freemasons, debt based money, race mixing or jews placed in all the institutions of power.

  3. You are confusing racist/elitist Nazism with fascism. Nazi's were fascists, but not all fascists are Nazi's. Fascism in it's simplest form is corporatism as described by Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. We are indeed a fascist state at this point and will soon be a dictatorship particularly if the McConnell debt plan is enacted in the Senate.

  4. You are still free to observe satellite photo sequences of the ongoing HAARP weather modification attacks by way of tax payer owned satellite photo relays. Comments on the recent carpet bagger land procurement by the army corps of engineers and their partner private corporation could then be identified as a fascist cancerous growth on our citizens amd the government through fascist channels. Channels which can be eliminated with participants jailed at this time. Snooze you lose.

  5. The opposite of corporatism is.... socialism. Is that what you want? You either have free enterprise or you don't. You either let people run their business how they see fit, or you don't.

    You hate the rich. You're a socialist.