Friday, July 29, 2011

Can Eugenics Rear Its Ugly Head if Debt Ceiling is not Raised as Payback Against the People?

I will admit it straight out of the gate. I have a deep hatred for communist and socialist because they are dangerous. They are mentally ill people who need to be on lockdown in a padded cell three miles underground whimpering ,far from doing harm to the people. They are dangerous if we believe their rhetoric. The policies they will use is a weapon against the people. They want us to know who is boss. It does not matter is it is food and resources. I can see saying since we the people will not allow tax increases or the debt ceiling increasing. We can hear the Tyrant say,” We cannot afford to take care of Grandmas health care anymore and she has to die to save money.” These people are narcissistic to the point they think they are Gods holding the power of life and death in their hands.

The mother of my children has a brother who is autistic and severely mentally handicapped. He is a ward of the state that gets a social security disability to take care of him. I am concerned for him because his sister has no say in her bothers care when she tried to stop him getting flu shots. What about the people, who are retarded, have severe handicaps, which rely on government disability to live, and survive to meet basic needs. Many totalitarian regimes have killed off the disabled and the infirm because they want us to see as a drain on society and an unnecessary burden to justify murder. This is why they are starting up death panels so the elderly and the disabled can die as an excuse so the government can pay for the bankers and fund Israel. It has nothing to do with saving money. This is so evil no matter how humane they may make it sound to sell to the public as a way to save social security and Medicare. We must not fall for that lie of bioethics from the mouths of eugenicists that this is our only solution to solve our debt problem, social security and Medicare. Killing off people is not the answer

I lived about 25 miles from were Terry Schiavo was starved to death by order of a probate judge. What was so appalling why I left Florida was one among many other reasons is the people's lack of moral conviction. They all were falling for the lie that she is a vegetable whose quality of life was not worth saving. Her life had no value to many people because it cost money to take care of her. If we are going to claim to be a moral and just society as we say we are. We must be willing to stand up and defend those who cannot defend or speak for themselves when they are in danger of murder by people who want to play God deciding who lives or dies in our government.

This lie calling the elderly and the disabled useless eaters by the elite is such hypocrisy. Most of these elderly people were the builders of our society and contributed to their retirement for many years being responsible. The politicians and bankers never produced anything. The government and the robber barons are the real useless eaters of our society; they steal the hard work and substance of the American people so the money junkies can squander it. To say they have to kill off the disabled and the elderly to pay of this debt, save social security ,Medicare ,fund the wars for Israel and to bailout the Wall Street fat cats is pure ruthlessness. We must be a moral and just society again. The people who cannot speak or defend themselves being the most vulnerable must not be the ones to sacrifice their life to pay the price for Washington’s recklessness and Israel's wars. If we are going to be the society that makes a country great again. We must start adhering to those principles and values again or we lose. We must not allow this happen.


  1. "The mother of my children has a brother who is autistic and severely mentally handicapped. He is a ward of the state that gets a social security disability to take care of him."

    You sir, are a Socialist. Plain, simple, socialist.

    You are telling us that we should all be taxed to pay for some other family's problem. Instead of you taking care of your own family, you want to tax all of us to help you.

    That is the very definition of a socialist. You. That's what you are.

    I feel sorry for your family to have to deal with that. But I have NO obligation to have my tax money taken from me and given to you.

    I will NOT fund your socialist agenda, no matter how in the right you think you are.

    Take care of your OWN family!

  2. Not to disagree with you, as we're all allowed our own opinions on the goings on of today, but if you think your tax dollars go to fund this, then you need to learn something. Veterans who incurred injuries serving their countries are people worth saving, Veterans threw themselves to the wolves for US, as its all volunteer today. They are told if injured you will be taken care of, and we should honor that. We do not, but the politicans, well they are covered.

  3. It already has the New York Slimes are promoting it!

    New York Times Brooks Promotes Eugenics "Death Panels" Amid Budget Crisis

  4. "I have a deep hatred for communist and socialist because they are dangerous."

    I have a deep hatred and mistrust for mis-pluralist...SSSSSS! Especially ones who claim to be from Texas but aren't even in the country!

    "Hey, Moyshe, those stupid goyim think people from Texas don't know how to put words ending in 'ist' in plural form, and also don't know how to put periods in the right place in full sentences, see that your text adheres to this profile as well so they'll think you're a real Texan when you post!"

    "You sir, are a Socialist. Plain, simple, socialist."

    No, I think he's actually four socialist.

    Please put an "S" on the end of your 'ist' words to denote more than one of them! You are confusing the s**t out of my tiny brain. Is (s)he talking about one, or more than one?

    Seven eugenicist is alone in a walks a rabbi and four dentist (arrrrgh!)

    Just one picture from Sweeny, TX. Just one to prove you're really there!

  5. And I totally agree, eugenics is very bad, and even worse it's purely for financial reasons. (Can you kill people off just to save money and still call it eugenics??)

  6. Well Joe I am not going to submit a picture to you to prove I live in Texas. I will say my zipcode is 77480 and I live off of FM 1459 and close to FM 1301. As far as you. I do not care what you think. I think you work for George Soros because only a troll attacks the writer and not the content. It just says you are a loser.

  7. "I think you work for George Soros because only a troll attacks the writer and not the content."

    What do you call someone that accuses others of working for someone they hate and not the content?

  8. I wouldn't want to be a member of any club that would have me. Hearing Obummer talk about eugenics reminds me of how he skates on thin ice. Nonstop.

  9. Since you have written on how eugenics might come back, you might be interested to know that the Society for the Study of Social Biology" which is the American eugenics society, is “in the process of renaming itself to the Society of Biodemography and Social Biology (SBSB)" according to its current website

    There is a new Board of Directors - the first to be publicly announced since 1999; the journal has been renamed Biodemography and Social Biology.

    There are no population controllers on the new Board. However the Population Council has issued a defiant statement by John Bongaarts, former Board member, to the effect that it plans to continue its de-population activities in Africa and elsewhere.

    The change reflects an attempt by the American eugenics society to grapple with the situation of low, low fertility which now exists in all the most powerful countries in the world (Germany, Russia, Japan, China, South Korea, France, Italy, Spain) except the US which has low fertility.

    The change is based on a new version of eugenics called biodemography which proposes to replace the post-Nazi version of eugenics that has prevailed since the end of World War II. Biodemography’s intellectual center is the Max Planck Institute of Demographic Research in Rostock, Germany. But it was founded in the United States by a series of grants from the Behavioral and Social Research division of the National Institute of Aging and NIH. This is the first time since the Nazi era that a government has openly sponsored a version of eugenics. The NIH grants funded an initial research project in 1987, the Medfly Project, and then workshops and books which initially discussed the Medfly Project. These discussions expanded in theme and significance throughout the Nineties. After 1999 biodemography ceased to be an internal reform and became a power struggle. For ten years the Society elected no new officers or directors. In 2007 the Society journal ceased publication. When normal activity resumed the journal was called Biodemography and Social Biology and the Society was renaming itself Society of Biodemography and Social Biology. I think we know who won. And it behooves us to understand the winners, to understand biodemography.

    The founder of biodemography and of the Max Planck Institute of Demographic Research is Professor James Vaupel of Duke University, the co-founder of the Medfly Project, whose influence can be symbolized by the fact that he was invited to the 2011 Bilderburg Conference. The most important book of the Nineties for biodemography was Between Zeus and the Salmon and the preface to this book is an excellent introduction to the goals and methods of biodemography. It is online at the National Academy Press website. The goals of Vaupel’s German institute were set forth by Professor Kenneth Wachter in 2003 when Wachter gave the keynote speech on the occasion of the opening of the newest headquarters of the Max Planck Institute of Demographic Research (MPIDR). This is online at the MPIDR website The chief intellectual tool of the biodemographers is an attempt to prove the influence of genetics on behavior by uniting genome wide analysis with social surveys. Their goals and methods are set forth in the preface to Cells and Surveys which is online at the National Academy Press. Some of their “results” in this enterprise are online in the abstracts of the two Integrating Genetics and Social Surveys Conferences which were held at the University of Colorado in May of 2010 and 2011. ;
    Apparently there is a liberal gene and a conservative gene, a fundraising gene, and a getting-mugged-twice-gene – to mention only a few.

    The Eugenics Watch