Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fear Not A Dollar Collapse,Why Lament a Failed System Based on Fraud

                  I can hear about the economic survivalist and the doom and gloomers talk about the chaos that will happen when the dollar fully implodes. We hear about the blood in the street will flow with riots nationwide. I am not saying things will be easy for us at all. If we prepare using common sense with food, guns and ammunition stored ready for use. It is when we talk to our neighbors and discuss what lies ahead agreeing on looking out for each other. We talk in our city councils about an alternative monetary system with light manufacturing and production on the local level. We will thrive under the worst of conditions.


                When the old Soviet Union collapsed, people were not dancing about freedom and liberty in the streets. There was very little food and not much natural resources to go around. People cut strips of newspaper for use as toilet tissue. Those old New York Times newspapers are good for something at least if we cannot rely on the publication to be truthful. Some people I talked with who lived through the collapse of the Soviet Union made things to barter and trade for food or other necessities. It was a very hard time for the Russian people, there was some instability in certain areas and some places had no service like running water and electricity. Many Russian people survived under trying circumstances when they realized the state was no longer going to provide for them and they were on their own. The only people who did not make it were the people waiting on the Kremlin to take care of them.


                Just as communism was a system based on fraud, so is the monetary system set up by the Federal Reserve Bank. The only mistake is the Russian made was keeping most of the old Soviet structure in place. They could have done better choosing their own form of government. When the dollar implodes, we will have a chance to make a choice on what form of government we want to live under, what will it be? It can be a republican form of government or carpetbagger governments run by the bankers bringing us back into debt. Soon will be the 20th anniversary of the Soviet Union being no more. Boris Yeltsin allowed the robber barons to loot the wealth of the Russian Federation making the ruble worthless in 1998 bringing instability. Vladimir Putin threw out the carpetbaggers and brought stability to Russia. Russia's economy is thriving now.


               Seeing the collapse of the old Soviet Union says we have nothing to fear. The Russian people made the best with what they had; there was starvation and some unstable areas in the country. The truth is no matter what happens, life goes on and it is not the end of the world. I talked to people who lived in the city and in the country. Many did very well under the conditions they were dealt with. We can do it too if we learn not to fear the future, we just have to be ready.


  1. Bull Shit. Biologists have known for a long time that when one species dominates an ecosystem, that ecosystem will be destroyed.

  2. The overlord pigs don't want to lose their power to smash and grab.

  3. I am in total agreement. Let this farce of an economic system fail. It has done nothing for the 90% of us who struggle everyday just to keep food on the table. I just have one request though: When the SHTF, people had better have the guts to hunt down every single one of those sycophants that got us into this mess. Only when justice has been truly served can we begin to rebuild. ALS

  4. n Russia the economy doesn't rise at all. Thieves officials plunder the budget, and a management сраны lives in other measurement and there can be something starts to understand. It smells as probability of abrupt disorders to a national and property sign thus a high probability угорзы integrity of the state.
    As to the USA that at you has similar put very much плохии. The best probability for you, is a mode маоисткого type. The worst is a civil war, disintegration, anarchy and mass extinction of the population.
    I witnessed disorder of the USSR. That иобщего with a today's situation it is not observed. Absolutely another минталетет. We lived in hope, and us предалот ours руководсто (Gorbachev - a dog, Yeltsin - the enemy of the people and д.р.) At you all on another. On hands of full weapon, a lot of real manufacture has left the country. The educational level and medicine doesn't come within miles of the Soviet. And in power frank Satanists.
    Excuse, but translated the robot - the translator.

  5. Russia's economy is not thriving now. It's owned by very small group of people who're enjoying extreme wealth. Yes, he threw out some people, but occupied their place with bunch of his mates.