Friday, July 22, 2011

Apollo 13, Failure is not an Option.Seeing NASA at its best.


          I was very young when Apollo 13 had its mishap in space. Those days of seeing the world on the edge of its seat the whole time hoping the Astronauts will return safely to earth under the worst conditions when systems failed. There was a threat due to an explosion that caused life support and power to be limited putting the lives of the men aboard the craft in peril. The people in mission control in Johnson Space Center worked around the clock to bring these men home safely. To read about a group of determined men who did not give up no matter what.


            I took a tour of Johnson Space Center and seen the old mission control room where the missions to the moon were conducted. I can imagine seeing Gene Kranz who was in charge of mission control saying to the people under him” Failure is not an option". These people were the best and brightest of our nation with limited resources guided the crippled craft back to Earth safely. Failure is not an option in their minds. Where are these people today? I met Gene Kranz for a few minutes touring the Space Center in Houston. These men made NASA a success because their hard work not to fail.


           Seeing the sunset of the Space Shuttle program with the landing of Atlantis shows our nation in decline because President Obama cares more about funding the money junkies than our space program. We as a nation are in a fork in the road of what direction we should go. The truth is we have a dictator wannabe and greedy bankers. We have a little tiny country called Israel that has our preachers and politicians wrapped around their finger. This is destroying out nation. We have to have an attitude of "failure is not an option" if we are going to save the republic. We need that kind of motivation that was demonstrated in Mission Control bringing back Apollo 13 safely. We have to come to terms again when saving our republic and reversing course as a nation. "Failure is not an option". Do you agree?

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