Friday, July 22, 2011

Romans 13, The Government Taking The Bible Out of Context.

              For all you church goers who occupy a pew every Sunday morning and attend religiously for Wednesday night Bible study at your 501C3 place of worship. The preacher talks about Corinthians 13 and the Sermon on the Mount as a way saying we are to be loving and caring. There is nothing wrong with it. Hearing things you want to hear, not hearing what we ought to be hearing has put us on a slippery slide as a society. The Preacher never talks about Jesus driving the moneychangers (The Bankers) out of the Temple. Please how this so-called man confronted corruption in the religious leadership and in the Roman government evading arrest. Preacher make him look like a hippie pacifist more than a moral leader who stood against corruption.

              Many wars have been fought in the name of God twisting the scripture and tyranny in the name of righteousness murdered many innocent people. Every heard of the Spanish Inquisition and the Muslim crusades? Many politicians claiming to be Christian have used the word of God to oppress people and Kings used the claim of divine right to rule the people as chattel property is because of the will of God was a major justification. Ignorance is exploited to justify doing wrong because to people do not know better. It is easy to twist the bible to suit one’s purpose.

               Now we back before World War II and the rise of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin used a chapter out of the Bible to get people to submit to do the immoral crimes against humanity. They used Romans 13 to convince people to comply with a tyrant saying all government is of God. This misinterpretation has been responsible for much innocent blood being shed in the name of a master race. Now there is a program using the same text out of the Bible called the clergy response teams to use the preachers to tell people to submit to tyranny because it is from God. Turn in your guns, go the FEMA camps Snitch on your neighbors, and surrender your rights because the Bible tells us to do it.

               The truth is when the apostle Paul wrote the Book of Romans. Who ruled Rome at the time? Nero Caesar was one of the most immoral leaders at the time. A very depraved ruler who was involved in the most deviant behavior to make whore blush and a thief seem righteous. If Nero is, correct about Romans 13. Does than mean if a couple gets married to a wife that is a virgin and the Romans decree was the Roman empower has to be her first to have sex with before the husband. Is that of God? Suppose it is law, a roman soldier can rape a man wife or Daughter at will. Is that being obedient to God not to resist to defend you family‘s honor?? Not it is not lawful to allow such an act by decree. The people on Lexington and Concord facing the British could not be fooled with a twisted interpretation of Romans 13. They knew better what it meant and no matter what the King said did not matter.

                Thomas Jefferson quoted saying” Resistance to Tyranny is Obedience to God". Submitting to tyrants is not obedience at all and just cowardly to go along than make a stand. If you believe Obama says remember Romans 13 through the clergy response team. You are an idiot worthy of a permanent vacation to the FEMA camp and your firearms given away since now the government will protect you because you do not need guns for protection anymore. The government will take care of you. Do not be deceived. Do your homework please. You will see that Romans 13 does not mean submit to an immoral government. It meant submit to the leadership of the Church for moral direction and advice. Not the Roman government


  1. "Jesus driving the moneychangers (The Bankers) out of the Temple." Wrong. Jesus was not throwing out 'The Bankers'. He was throwing out people who were conducting commerce in the church, because the church should be for worship only. It was in no way a larger condemnation of 'Bankers' or whomever else you wish to blame.

    "moral leader who stood against corruption." Jesus never said anything about corruption. He said that you should worry not about things on earth, but worry instead of things in Heaven. Why care about earthly governments, when it is eternal life you should be worried about?

    "Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin used a chapter out of the Bible to get people to submit to do the immoral crimes against humanity" Pure, 100% bull. Not even close to being true. Hitler wasn't a Christian. He thought that Christianity was a religion of slaves. And Stalin quoting the bible? Do you know ANYTHING about Stalin? He'd sooner quote a unicorn than the he'd quote the bible!

    "Nero Caesar was one of the most immoral leaders at the time." Oh yeah? Name five other leaders of that time period.

    "You will see that Romans 13 does not mean submit to an immoral government." Alright, just so we're clear, let's see what Romans 13 actually says.

    Romans 13: 1 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.

    2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.

    6 This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing.

    That actually seems really clear to me. I see nothing in that bible passage that states we should only obey our rulers if we agree with them. Can you point out to me, ANYWHERE in the bible, that says that?

  2. Yep, all that may or may not be true, I could really careless.

    I refuse to have the corrupt dictate to me what I shall do.

    When the corrupt control the laws and they're enforcement no honest man or women is safe.

    If I'm going down it's going to be on the side of good verses evil. I will not submit my soul or humanity just to simply survive.

    Jesus did not preach in a church, nor did he read from a Bible. And never did he collect money from those who listened to him.

    I believe the true Bible is within each and every one of us, as is true evil. We have the free will to choose our own path. And must have the courage to accept the consquences of that choice.

    It is said Hitler was responsible for killing six million or more people.

    According to German laws of the time, it was all perfectly legal. That could never have happened without the German peoples consent, even if only in they're silence.

    I say such matters are far to important to be dictated by mere words in a book written, revised, and edited by men.

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    God Bless


  4. Ok Andre, I have visited and read you're writings.

    With all due respect Sir.
    I don't feel what you are saying at all.

    Why would the God of all men, only convay is will and wisdom to those with the luxury of the skills of reading and writing?

    No it makes no sense. One whom could create everything, would not leave so many in the dark. Order and logic are in everything we see, feel and touch. Therefore they are the basis of creation.

    Why would God set the Christian and Muslim World against one another?

    No I contend it is the work of men, as is all misery.

    I personally lead 176 relief convoys all over Africa. I worked, ate, slept, trained, cried, and learned from Africans, native, Christian and Muslim. None of the hatred and religous bias you underscore in you're writings existed among us.

    I say you fall for the lies of simple men Sir.

    God Bless