Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Is Obama Using the Plunge Protection Team for Financial Terrorism ,the other Political Weapon to Raise Debt Ceiling?

                I remember back in Oct 2008 with the TARP bailout, when the House of Representatives first time around voted overwhelmingly no on this legislation. The markets plunged many points the next day. There was no logical reason for the markets to fall so quick in one day. I can see the plunge protection team was probably involved and manipulating the stock market to scare congress and the people to give the President what he wants.


                The Plunge Protection Team is a working group by Executive Order 12631 signed in March 18, 1988 by President Ronald Reagan. The working group was an idea after the Black Monday Stock Market crash on Oct 19, 1987. This working group consists of the Secretary of the Treasury, The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank, The SEC, and Commodity Futures and trading commission. We look at today in the year 2011. It is not 1988 anymore. We can see how this working group can be a means as a political weapon to get congress to vote a certain way.


                 We can see back in 2008, then Secretary Henry Paulson using the plunge protection team to inflict financial terrorism threatening to destroy people's 401ks, IRAs and investments. The people did not want the TARP; we can see how the plunge protection team might have been used as a political tool to pass the bailout to the Robber Barons. The 2008 TARP bailout was a blank check, within days trillions of dollars disappeared from the treasury. This legislation signed this country onto covering loses of Wall Street obligating this country to the 1.5 quadrillion derivatives debt, something the American people did not owe. The Plunge protection team and the threat of Martial law were the weapons used to pass TARP.


                 We have the debt ceiling crisis now in 2011, President Obama is predicting a financial Armageddon saying gloom and doom will happen if the debt ceiling gets no increase. Can we see the Secretary of the Treasury, once the Head of the Federal Reserve Bank in New York Timothy Geithner use the plunge protection team to manipulate the markets? Can this working group be used as a political weapon to get congress and the American people to comply with President's plan of raising taxes and increasing the debt limit? The President has threatened not to send checks to Social Security recipients, stop Medicare payments and not pay the Military from one direction. Then use of the plunge protection team crashing the stock market from another direction of attack. In addition, to incite fear if congress does not raise the debt ceiling, there will be a financial meltdown and the sky will fall rhetoric. It is plain use of fear mongering again as a means for the President to have his way not popular with the people.


                This plunge protection team needs to be dismantled. The Federal government should not be involved in the markets at all using taxpayer money. The formation of the Plunge protection team might have been well intended in the beginning to prevent a market crash of Black Monday in 1987 from happeneing again. Now the White House can use this group as a political weapon at the Presidents disposal to inflict financial terrorism on the nation using this group for the very purpose to crash the markets. The very purpose this group was supposed to prevent is now used to inflict now. This tool at the President's hand must be stripped away using the plunge protection team manipulating the markets. Let the markets fall, this working group should not exist any longer to prop up the zombie markets on Wall Street. So when we seen the markets falling as we are seeing right now. It might be the plunge protection team playing dirty as a weapon against us, so the President gets his way. We must expose the plunge team so it can never be used for political purposes again.




  1. We need to eradicate the entire criminal syndicate wrongfully called government.

  2. "The markets plunged many points the next day. There was no logical reason for the markets to fall so quick in one day."

    Clearly you know as much about the market as you do about the English language.

    The markets dropped because the government was interfering with the normal course of business. ANY intervention is a signal to get out of unsafe investments like stocks, and into cash or lower risk options.

    This is BASIC, I mean 101 level investing knowledge. "No logical reason" indeed.

  3. Thank you for pointing out the elephant with an 800 Lb gorilla on its back that is is the room, the 1.5 quadrillion dollar derivatives debt that must be addressed. The banksters actually think we will pay this to them. They think, that we will commit our lives and the lives of our children, grandchildren and great grand children into abject poverty and slavery for their benefit.

    They think that they will be able to hide out in St Baarts, living the life of luxury, while we duck and cover to avoid the pilot-less drones and hellfire missiles. They think that we will rat out our neighbors for having chickens, for raising organic vegetables or for collecting rain water. They think that we will stand by in fear as baby blue helmeted swat teams kick down our doors, shoot our dogs and drag us off to FEMA work camps. They believe that we will drink the drugged and poisoned water while eating the Monsanto GMO food rationed to us.

    Maybe they're right, but I'm betting 5% of us will say NO! 5% will be 10 times more than is needed to overthrow this sorry lot of elite scum. Google Larken Rose's "Tiny Dot" as it becomes more appropriate every day. Send it to your friends, it will help empower them. Send it to our enemies it scares the shit out of them and infuriates them.

  4. So, Gold and silver were really high this morning, then when the Dow fell by 350 points, the prices of PMs started dropping as fast as if they were being shoved out of Ben Bernanke's helicopter, and the DOW bounced up around fifty points.

    Is the PPT dumping precious metals and buying stock to prevent a (reasonable) panic?

    Do they even have any gold and silver left to dump?

  5. The Plunge Protection Team is the David Copperfield of the stock markets. It has replaced truth with the illusion of truth or reality for non-reality.