Monday, July 25, 2011

The Money Junkies Want Police and Fire Fighter Pension Funds,Not Just Half, But all of it.

            Let me just say this and let it stick in your brain. The Robber Barons want all the pension funds and not just half. They are saying half for now to sucker the Police and Firefighters into surrendering half; not knowing the end game is to take it all. Just trust the government with your pension fund to keep it safe, just like they did with social security trust fund. This is like appointing Al Capone to run the reform the Organized crime unit in the FBI. Never trust your pensions to Wall Street or the US Government. That is like asking the Homeland Security to protect our freedoms from big government.


           The government is has been looking for a reason to steal the pension funds and to rob the nation if it wealth. The US Government has been looking for a reason to steal the countries pension funds to only if we are lucky get crumbs left on the table after the money junkies go an on spending binge. The US government has been taking away from the Federal Pension fund, diverting to other spending programs. No matter what the government say about our pension funds. They are not entitlement program, just like social security. People contributed into the system all their lives with years of hard work and playing by the rules.


            I can remember how many times I watch a cop shows were a high ranking Police official and city council members goes to jail tinkering with the city pension fund. I just wonder how many politicians will go to jail for raiding Social Security trust fund? Will the banks on Wall Street and the Federal government go to jail stealing the people's pension funds to cover the Robber Barons loses? Eventually the party will be over for the money junkies on Wall Street and the Central Bankers.


           Before you allow the government takes half of anyone’s pension fund to give to another. Take it all out and put it into gold and silver. An asset you can hold into your hand and it is not at the mercy of thieves holding an official title. They do not want half of the pension funds. They want it all from you. Not just the firefighter or police, it will not stop with them. They want everyone's money. We have politicians and Robber barons who believe your lifetime, your labor and you substance belong to them. These people never produced a thing in their lives; they know how to steal fro other who made a life for themselves. Get you money far away from them as fast as you can. Put it in gold and silver assets you can hold on your person and not in the hands of people who will steal, it is your money and not theirs. Pull your money out and let them know it does not belong to them.





  1. Good luck with the pull out your money idea, while its genius and would work 100% the sheeple are just too stupid to ever figure it out!

    I can't wait till all the middle class are homeless and ask me why, so I can simply say "I told you so for years you silly fools"

  2. Yet again, you've missed the point so hard, it baffles me.

    The government is not saying, "give us half your retirement fund." The government is saying, "We have no money to pay into the fund. We can make half payments, at best."

    That's bad, but it's not terrible. And it's not anything close to as bad as you try to make it out to be.

    The receivership judge wasn't threatening them, he was WARNING them.

    You got it 100%, totally backwards!

  3. You'll take half now, and you'll like it. We'll be back later for the other half.

  4. Rooty, the government is saying "we stole half your retirement money already, if you're lucky you may get a few crumbs."

    It's bad, it's terrible and it's enough reason to chop these fucking bastards heads off for.

  5. Would it not be fun if the police and DHS and TSA and FBI and ...and the U.S. Army and the U,S. Marine corps hustled Congress out into the street to be tar and feathered and marched out of town. Then return to more equitable taxes with a constitutional banking system?
    The police have all gone sadistic on us with the release of Bush's Iraqi nude torture photos, so maybe they would enjoy this one.

  6. The DHS and TSA and FBI and ...and the U.S. Army and the U,S. Marine corps are just as corrupt as the perps pulling this stuff. Who do you think were the support system for them to do so? The alphabet agencies are integral to the ripping off of America- they are the force protectors girding the crimes- not stopping them. Wake up, its too late in the game to be so blind.

  7. "It's bad, it's terrible and it's enough reason to chop these fucking bastards heads off for."

    I guess I'm just not a believer in socialism. I know you are, but it just doesn't make sense to me.

    Government workers, who made themselves sweetheart deals, who failed to invest on their own, and you want to blame the rich.

    That is classic Marxism. Just textbook class warfare of socialism.

    Me, I think those government workers shouldn't have put their entire future into a government handout. I think they should have taken care of themselves, without government.

    But as I said, I'm not a socialist. You are. I guess we're just always going to disagree.

  8. oh rooty tooty you again!! cant I just be me...socialist,communist, Marxist,capitalist,nationalist, Zionist these are all just labels that people use to put everyone in a neat little box..something to hide behind......
    facts are it what you will.

  9. "facts are it what you will."

    OK. Socialism.

  10. James Woroble JrTuesday, 26 July, 2011

    With mega-inflation on the horizon and a broiler chicken costing 1.2 trillion, it doesn't matter if they steal the pensions or not.

  11. It is sad but entertaining to watch the 'fall of the Roman Empire' all over again.