Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rep. Ron Paul vs. Gov. Rick Perry Separating the Phony Texan from The Real Texan

In my mind, there is only one clear choice to choose to be President. There is the one that talks about freedom and liberty, but his actions do not reflect it. There is the other man who speaks the same ideas ,the very principles that made this country great, this very public servant has done everything within his power to advance the cause of preserving and defending the Constitution. The record of both Texans speaks for themselves in not so much words, it is seen in their actions as public figures. One man sold out for power, the other stuck true to his principles for many years regardless when there was no public support at the time.

Gov Rick Perry was stopped from signing over our roads to a Spanish company Cintra. This same man signed an executive order to force young girls to take a deadly vaccine Gardasil, which the findings prove to be dangerous and fatal. This same phony conservative is a big government politician who justification of job creation was expanding the size of state government compared to the private sector. This is a man who covered up the Texas Youth commission scandal, has praised the sheriff and CPS seizing all those children without cause in a private Mormon religious community in 2008? He has done nothing to secure the border. He has been behind killing legislation to ban sanctuary cities and the anti TSA groping bill. He is a man you cannot trust a word he says to be true. Remember Gov Rick Perry took George W Bush's place. Slick Rick is a protégé of Karl Rove and part of the neoconservative cult. Gov Perry is no more conservative than FDR. He attended Builderberg in 2007 as a chosen one to run for president for a reason. He will sell out his own mother for power. Not to mention I almost forgot to bring up is Newt Gingrich written the forward page in Rick's book "Fed Up" and Anti gun authoritarian who was former Mayor of New York city Rudolph Giuliani was the Governor's chief fundraiser for reelection. If you see the losers, he associates with are internationalist. They are globalist losers just like Al Gore who the governor was at one time his campaign chairperson in 1988.

Then we have Congressman Ron Paul. For many years, he has been the lone voice in the wilderness exposing the Federal Reserve Bank, sound money policies and the sticking to the constitution as a guild post on how to govern. He has submitted legislation and opposed big government spending. He had the nickname Dr. No in congress. He has from the very beginning the only person in the Republican Party opposed the Iraq war. He is famous speech called neoconned has come a true prophesy. He is the only man who asked the hard and tough questions to the Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on his reckless monetary policy. The bill calling the auditing the Federal Reserve Bank has finally after many failed attempts never making out of committee for a vote on the floor and passes the house with an overwhelming majority. Congressman Paul submitted a bill to stop the full body scanners and groping by the TSA. While many congressional representatives expressed halfhearted outrage at the TSA, Ron Paul took action and drafted legislation to stop the abuses by the TSA. For all the years, Ron Paul tireless efforts of educating the people all these years are paying off. He might be President despite all the dirty tricks in the Republican Party and the media.

We have two Texans here; one has an accent and native born. He does not govern as a true Texan, but talks like one. Then we have a Medical Doctor and Congressman who moved to Texas from Pennsylvania. He was not Texas born, but he lives the spirit of the Alamo like a true Texan. He has stuck by the constitution and his oath. Gov Perry has done nothing for Texas. If you evangelical Christians believe Rick Perry is going to save you from Barrack Obama, just like you said George W. Bush would save you from the evil slick Willie. Do not hold your breath. Rick Perry may talk like Ron Paul, but he is no Ron Paul.The Texas Governor does not come nowhere near close to being him.

Rick Perry talks as a good used car salesmen saying you have a good deal with him not telling you he sold you a lemon. He has betrayed Texans so many times with a forked tongue. Rick Perry is a globalist wrapping himself in the American flag. Seeing Rick Perry pander to the Christian right says one thing that Ron Paul warned us about. Fascism will come to America with the American flag in one hand and the bible in the other. Can slick Rick pull it off using God's name in vain to get votes?

Rep. Paul may not be the most eloquent and articulate speaker. It would not hurt him at all to stop being a nice person once in while and be a little vicious at the podium calling out the sells outs. Civility does not always wins the hearts of the people, but strong moral conviction, and righteous indignation does will garner the votes needed regardless of the Diebold voting machines try to do.

We can see we have one real Texan and one that is as phony Texan as a three-dollar bill. I say the voters of Texas give Gov Rick the boot in the ass and Ron Paul the red carpet. One has done his job to the best of his ability and the other has abused his office. Which Texan will Texas and America choose? We must not let the globalist win with a phony over the genuine.


  1. Ron Paul grew up on a dairy farm in Pa. milki8ng cows.

    What was Rick Perry doing?
    Playing golf?

  2. Great perspective. Please proof read.

  3. MEXAS LOVES its REPUGS! Go spell this!
    No honest Democrats left in Mexas?

  4. Ron Paul has never supported a tax-increase or unbalanced budget. And is the only living member of the Congress to have a Perfect Constitutional Voting Record. On top of voting for every tax-cut every time.
    Paul was featured by CBS on Up to the Minute as one of two members of the U.S. Congress that have pledged not to receive a pension from the United States government.
    He also proposed legislation to decrease Congressional pay by the rate of inflation.
    Paul proposed term-limit legislation multiple times, at first during the 1970s in the House of Representatives
    Paul has been termed the "intellectual godfather" of the Tea Party movement.
    We are spending Trillions of dollars on wars that we can't afford, paying more attention to borders thousands of miles away than our own. Lets bring our troops home securing our own borders.