Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It is Not There Internet to Control

           The  Federal Government has lost all credibility. The lame duck Congress and the President has the lowest approval rating in history. They can not tell a good lie. The old establishment mainstream media can no long suppress information from getting out. The alternate media is running circles around the political and media establishment. They are getting there rear ends kicked. The FCC move to take control of the internet might be the straw to break the camels back.They can not win in a fair fight in the arena of ideas. So they try to chill our free speech by threatening us with being labeled domestic extremist if we protest the war and question the governments official story of 9-11.
           The Department of Homeland Security harassing Anti War activist and 911 Truth groups They are trying to silence free speech. Now the FCC moves to control the internet. the criminals in government can not win in a fair fight and does not intend to play fair either. So attacking the internet to silence opposition. They can not get away covering up information.They can not win when they have no control over information. What I have to say to President Obama and the FCC chairmen. The internet is not yours to control. You will lose if you dare try. You will be defeated if dare touch the internet.Controlling the internet now will not work anymore. The horse left the barn long ago. Chicago Mafia Politics will lose to Texas Justice. Your not in Chicago anymore

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