Monday, December 27, 2010

Two House Bills in Texas Can Expand The Snitch Network For Big Sister's DHS

              "If you see something say something" we hear Secretary Janet Napolitano speak on big screen TVs in Wal Mart Nationwide. Spy on you neighbor if you see guns,drugs and anything suspicious. Now being an accused bully or a bad driver will now be the job of Homeland Security if two Texas Bills become law. I can see the Department of Homeland Security expanding its operations to stop bullying and bad driving as a threat to national security using these two Texas Bills becomes law.
              House bill 101 if becomes law would set up a hot line for impaired drivers can easily expand to turning in people doing rolling stops at stop signs or jay walking.The Federal Government might like it so much. The TSA might be knocking at your door or name might be put on a No Drive list so someone can not be insured to drive a car with no traffic tickets. Just like No fly,No Buy.All without due process.
              The next drafted piece of legislation is Texas House Bill 130 that would set up an anti bully hot line. I can see school yard bullies turn in the ones who dare stand up to them being taken out of the way so they can dominate the play ground. We have seen what tattletale networks do. Look at Child Abuse Hot lines have done more harm than good in protecting children. Many busybodies called these hot lines just as a method of retaliation because there names will never be revealed where the accused can confront them. CPS has been a nightmare for many innocent families because these toll free numbers make it so easy to retaliate with impunity.
              Can you picture at Wal Mart with big sis on the TV monitor saying if you see something say if you see bullying or someone running a red light,a litter bug or a child being abused  call homeland security because they might be working for Osama Been Dead Awhile Bin Laden. Lets make sure these bills never become law.I tell you this because I am the Lone Star Watch Dog. I say any tattletale hot-line is a nightmare waiting to happen if not stopped. If DHS takes over stopping bullying and bad drivers.This will make a nightmare turn into a living hell.

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