Friday, December 17, 2010

Texas Bill Introduced Will Make Specialty License Plates for Freemasons

          Can you imagine if you were in an accident or going through a checkpoint. Your personal effects in the car are thrown off the road. You notice some cars passing through the check point has a expired registration sticker and inspection sticker. The Department of Public Safety State Troopers wave him through. Why because they have those specialty plates saying he is a mason.

          You were a victim in a hit and run accident. The driver was intoxicated and driving like a maniac. The police stop them and see they have that masonic plate on their car. They take the driver home and tell you the victim we could not find the car that fits the description.Never mind that owner who owns the auto body shop might a fellow mason to make that car good as new in no time.

           Texas House Bill 180 introduced and filed by Texas State Representative Sid Miller can make specialty license plates for Texas Masons. I have real reservations with this bill because many people in government are Freemasons. It does not matter if it is a Police officer or the County Judge. Those masonic oaths obligate them to come to the aid of another. That even means waving through a fellow mason with expired stickers while us poor suckers get the shaft.

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           I have nothing against the Freemasons. There are great people who were Masons who made Texas a republic. In this day and age the Order has been used to cover up corruption in the system and to deny justice. I say we say no to specialty plates for Masons because of this.

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