Thursday, December 23, 2010

We Need A Constituional Standoff To Flex the Muscle of State Rights

             The audacity of the Obama administration moving in making its move in the State of Texas. The President with one of his tyrannical arms called the EPA  announced they are taking over green house gas permits because Texas refuses to comply with the new EPA rules that come into effect Jan 2, 2011. This is the time for Texans to either S*%T or get off the pot. Do you stay under the stranglehold of Washington DC or do we break free and be an independent nation. For anyone to say Texas ought to stay in the union has to be out of there minds.This Federal Government is like a milestone tied around our necks dragging us to the bottom of the sea.If we do not cut the rope and break free from Washington.We will be dragged to the bottom of the sea and Texas will be just a memory.
               On January 11, 2011. The 82nd State Legislator will be in session. We can not afford for them to conduct the affairs of the state doing business as usual. We have the EPA trying to shut down our refineries. USDA with the FDA through the Food Safety and Modernization Act will wipe out our agriculture industry operated by mostly small family farms and ranches. Texas as we know it will cease to exist if the people we voted into office do not do their job. It is time the state legislators do there job erecting barriers against Federal encroachment or declare independence as a true act of nullification . I like to know were do they come up with reducing heat trapping gases as a basis issuing greenhouse gas permits?These insane socialist buffoons have not walked outside lately or read the weathermen reports of the coldest winters on record. They are still relying on fraudulent data that was discredited. This is not about reducing green house gases. It is about the federal government trying to break the will of Texas.
             We need a constitutional standoff with the Federal government. They are out of control . This present administration knows no boundaries as far as the rule of law is concerned.Some state governor has to throw his foot down and say that is enough.Will it be Slick Rick? We did not send Governor Rick Perry back for a third term and elected State Legislators to go along to get along with the Federal government. We elected them to look out for our interest in the state. To make sure the people of the state can remain productive and commerce is unrestricted within the state. I can careless if what we want makes Washington DC upset. If that makes our state office holders we voted for upset because they do not get invited anymore to cocktail parties by high powered lobbyist and professional career politicians in Washington DC.So be it. I do not care because they work for us not for them

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