Thursday, December 23, 2010

Austin Woman Thrown to Floor and Arrested for Refusing Pat Down at Airport

              People must be really felt up with holiday cheer when the TSA agents were singing Christmas Carols at LAX. What a joke. Now we have to congratulate  the TSA agents and Austin police department for keeping us safe from a 56 year old woman who has a pace maker and was a rape victim. She said no to being touched on the breast and just because she refused. Those two Austin Police Officers slammed her to the floor and dragged her across the terminal.  How shameless these people are gets to me. What part of No I do not consent to being touched they do not understand? For those Austin PD officers who are sworn to uphold the Texas and United States Constitution.Those two Officers need to attend Sheriff Mack's class to learn about the oath they took. The scary part is they might mess with the wrong grandmother,wife,daughter or mother. The one person can set off a chain reaction nationwide where people who see the government is no longer responsive to their grievances and will take it into their own hands to stop this long train of abuses when the system fails.
              I do not feel safer for the TSA not allowing this woman to fly because she refused a pat down.Now when I go out to Houston to travel by airplane. I am not worrying about Muslims with box cutters trying to hijack a plane to fly into a building. I am more concerned about government agents with a petty power trip violating my personal dignity and privacy.I just want to be left alone and fly in peace to my destination.
              I am not for violence. It is coming to the point where people will say enough is enough. Somebody is going to be the folk hero real soon pushing back against this tyrannical nonsense. As an example. It could be some burly fat guy in a uniform put his hand up the Man's wife's or Daughter's skirt after the husband said "no". He just reacts with a fist flying defending the honor of his family. It could be a man who elderly mother who was shocked by a Tazer for no reason than unable to stand up getting out of a wheelchair as the agent ordered. They will never know what lady will be the wrong one to mess with till it is too late. When this does happen. All the PR spin and rationalization will not work anymore because the public will see through it all as an excuse to dominate and impose their will on the population under the banner of we must fight those terrorist and nothing to do with our safety.
             Sooner or late these TSA agents and Police Officers involved aiding and abetting in breaking the law that violates human dignity will face the consequences because they more cared about a paycheck and petty power trips more than doing what is right.

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