Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Young Men Might Soon Feel The Draft Getting Their Drivers License in Texas. Bill Proposed in Texas House Will Automaticly Register Applicant for Selective Service when Getting Drivers License If Bill Becomes Law.

          Does any remember the controversy over the Motor Voter law were anyone can register to vote when  getting a drivers license at the agency that issues them. In a state like Texas many illegal aliens are able to register to vote because many of them have drivers licenses. The Motor Voter Law has been connected to a lot of voter fraud with people who should not be on the voter rolls.
          Now there is legislation proposed and filed in the Texas State Legislator. Texas House Bill 80 drafted and Filed by Representative Daniel Flynn. Any male between 18 and 26 if they have not registered with Selective Service. When they renew their License or State Issued Identification will be registered for Selective Service under bill if becomes law. Renewing Drivers License and State ID automatically gives the State consent to register the person for selective service without the applicants knowledge if they have not registered. I can see the Illegal Aliens being registered for Selective Service which I am not comfortable with at all and lawsuits over religious exemptions.because many will not want to drafted to fight illegal and unconstitutional wars.
           Many in Congress have proposed bringing back the draft. Now it might be a reality because the passage repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the Armed forces. This will cause a mass exodus of qualified personal leaving the military under protest and a draft might be the only option to maintain a fighting force to keep these wars going if the Pentagon can not maintain recruiting goals as a consequence of repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell policy allowing Homosexuals to serve in the Military.
           This bill must not pass. The Department of Defense should not be able to use this Texas proposed law as another avenue for conscription of fill the ranks to fight illegal undeclared wars. Our Military should remain an all volunteer force because it draws off the strength of the nation to defend its freedom. Young people should not be forced or register for selective service without their knowledge as a condition when getting or renewing their drivers license just to drive a car. This bill must not pass.

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