Wednesday, December 29, 2010

People of New York CIty Just Tired of Being Snowed By Mayor Bloomberg. Not So Much the Snow

            If you look at how New York City has been taxed everyone into oblivion and people losing their property rights. A rude Police Department hunting for revenue. A person can not smoke in peace without the tobacco Nazis being in their face. People do not have the right to own a gun. The city is mess thanks to the political machine and the unions.
            I do not think the anger of the people has nothing to do with the streets not being snowplowed. It has nothing to do with the subway system being brought to a halt. I really believe this anger has been building among the people over the years. The lack of response of the city to plow the roads and get the subway system moving again was just the trigger. With all the high taxes paid to the city.The city can not plow the roads. People are not getting any service for their tax dollars at work.
            When mayor Bloomberg taxed business and people at high rates on every little thing. As a man who was born in the city when NYPD was one of the worlds best agencies.It is sad I can not visit the city of my birth because I can not afford to stay there. A city that is so expensive to live in. It is where people are stopped and frisked without a search warrant.I think the people of New York City are fed up with the unresponsive government and being abused by the system.This latest lack of action was the straw that broke the camels back.I bet you that all the people who work on Wall Street have their roads plowed while everyone is stranded. Those people who work for Goldman Sachs can not miss a day robbing the nations.
            When unemployment is high. People are short on money. The people in the city seemed to get poorer while the city bow before Wall Street and robs the substance of the people. I just think the people are tired of being snowed by Mayor Bloomberg. I am glad to be living in Texas today and not in the Big Apple.

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