Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Real Spirit of Christmas Can Not Be Stolen

              Today is the day we celebrate the birth of our savior. It is not about material gifts or about how much you spent buying presents for all you know. Many families today around this great nation will not have a Christmas as we know it. They are eating in homeless shelters and soup kitchens just to get there kids a decent meal. The ruling elites have stole all but our hope. The Oligarchs robbed everything and want our dignity.
               This is the time we have our own personal jubilee toward our fellow man.We are being tested as a people in how will we respond. Will we still show charity and mercy to lift up your neighbor back on their feet? Will our hearts grow cold void of any compassion? There are people in high places who want us to be at each others throats for a moral of food. To fight with one another for the basic provisions. These mad men want chaos and calamity in the streets. They want the imploding of our economy bring out the worse in us so they can mop up what is left of civilization as we know it to conquer for themselves.
                Just remember our Lord sits at the right hand of the Father reigning supreme above all of us. His hand is unstoppable against those who hate his creation. The enemy is not hunger. It is not the lack of money. It is us if we allow our worst nature to govern our lives. This is the time we ought to pray for our fellow man and ask for God's justice be done to those who brought this about. Never say never saying these ruling elite will never be brought to justice. We have not because we ask not.
                Today is the day we should forgive those who have wrong us and forgive any debts to us. If we as a people just do that. We find God's favor because if is by forgiving we are forgiven  showing mercy than asking for it. It is by giving we shall receive. It is not something as a gift we can hold but it is what is unseen that money can not buy is the biggest blessing of all that shines inside of us is the true Christmas spirit that can not be stolen.

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