Saturday, December 25, 2010

FOX news Alert :DHS Issues a Terror Alert. Your Thermos is a Terrorist Weapon

          Now your Thermos is a terror weapon. No intelligence or any concrete evidence to substantiate such a threat exist that Al Quaida using a Coleman thermoses as a weapon of mass destruction   Yes your insulated beverage container is now a potential weapon of mass destruction. That was just announced on a Fox News Alert. Watch out that 7-11 coffee mug might be a weapon soon. That is the new terror alert, Now I should be scared of a man using a thermos for coffee might be working Al Quaida. This agency I can tell they are brain storming finding new creative imaginary threats desperately trying to justify there existence. What is next?A child's Teddy bear or a little girls Barbie Doll might be a weapon too? What such absurdity we are seeing before our eyes by a bunch of petty tyrants.
          It is really getting ridicules. One day is the ink in printer cartridges, before that shampoo bottles and mother's breast milk. Just to think when recalling reading not long ago about a Plane full of soldiers coming back from deployment overseas.One soldier gets his nail clippers confiscated because it could be used as a weapon. These soldiers had M-16 rifles. Even though no one had no ammunition. The soldiers can still use the butt of the rifle as a weapon.Were is the common sense?
          Whet we really have to stress is that when the TSA and DHS try to justify there existence with all these exaggerated terrorist alerts and fake terror threats. The more they talk and do. It is more obvious they need to be dismantled and eliminated. The only threat to the safety,security and freedom of the people is the DHS and TSA. When they tyrannize the people in airports and put peace activist on Terror watch list means one thing.They need to go.Issuing a terror alerts that our thermos is now a potential terror weapon says the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Administration is the problem and not the solution to our liberty and security. When they do more harm than good that means it is time to pull the plug. It is time to put Homeland Security back in the hands of the States and the people.


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