Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Watching Texas Politics Statewide

              I am glad to announce that today I started a new blog on the next Texas 82nd  session of the Texas Legislator. I will be looking at the bills coming forward introduced and filed. The Lone Star State is entering a cross roads. The people of Texas must make some really hard choices on which direction to go.
               Washington DC is on a hell bent path to seize control of every aspect of our lives to break our will as Texans. Do we go along with nullification or succession? Nullification may not work because there is a lawless element that disregards our Constitution and the rule of law. They  do not acknowledge state rights or sovereignty. They only understand they want more power and less liberty for the people.
                My hope for the blog is to not make the next Texas legislative session business as usual . We as Texans will not tolerate the status quo in how things are done. It may have worked in the past. We have to say not today. not never. My hope is the we can hold there feet to the fire to do what is right for Texas. That is why I started this blog.I hope you enjoy my writing and will be happy to read your comments if you love me or not.
                 As Texans. Lets lift our heads and stand as freemen as Gods made us to be. As Texans we either be free or at the mercy of tyrants. It is all up to us.

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