Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Federal Reserve Bank Orders Oklahoma Bank to Remove All Symbols of Christian Faith. Now Who is Next?

          What right does a privately owned bank. Not a government agency have the jurisdiction to tell another privet owned bank to remove all vestiges of Christianity from this bank. That is what has happened in Perkins Oklahoma. They were ordered to remove anything that said Merry Christmas and Bible verse of the day.Employees could not wear any crosses or pins resembling the Christian faith.
           Now I say who is next? Under the new banking reform law that passed congress and signed into law this year.Is this part of the new Financial dictatorship of the Federal Reserve telling the country who is the boss?Who are the winners and losers in this new economy? Will they tell me who has a mortgage I can not have home bible studies and have to take down any crosses in my Home since they hold the bank note. If I run a business selling lamps.I have a cross and a painting of Jesus preaching in the sermon on the mount.Will I have to remove the expression of my faith from my place of business by the order of this new economic dictator called the Federal Reserve Bank?This Central Bank which congress turned over its constitutional authority to.
           These Bankers have thrown people out of there homes,they have looted our nation and they robbed the dignity of the common person. Now they want to take away the faith of many people.There religious freedom they cling to. They want to rob the people of any hope. Today they go after a bank. Tomorrow what privet business will they attack next? Telling them they can not have any form of Christianity. We must stop them here. If we allow them to tell banks what to do.Who will they go after next?


  1. Blood suckers have never liked the sign of the cross, have they?

  2. I'm not Christian but if I worked at that bank I would show up the next day dressed like the Pope.

  3. Get these people our of control. They are usurping power that they are not entitled to, and they need to be stopped.

  4. Waste the fookers. What are the Marines waiting for?

  5. The evil Empire has prepared the way for their Fourth Reich.
    We are there folks and the majority have been dumbed down to coma state.
    A godless,wicked nation always gets evil leaders from the hand of God.
    Judgment begins at the snoring House of God.

  6. Time to take physical action, i say . . . NOW.

  7. For so many DECADES, we've suffered outrage after outrage at the hands of the Federal Government and corporate tyranny. For so many decades, we've been told to look to Gandhi as our model of redressing grievances with our tyrants. Most recently, we are now fed the relentless impotent rantings of Alex Jones and his "infowar."

    The march of tyranny hasn't been slowed in the least. The model of soft resistance or motor-mouthing has been an utter failure. This crap of a kinder gentler 1776 has been a failure. Unlike 1776, however, our tyranny isn't a distant threat. What we have is 1788 FRANCE recreated in 21st century Amerika. Domestic tyranny and domestic enemies in our very midst!

    The model for our redress of grievances and execution of justice is in the FRENCH REVOLUTION! The words that will distill our anger into the rhetoric that rouses the sheep to arms is in the mighty French anthem, LA MARSEILLAISE. *ALL VERSES* Modern France may be able to get by on the first and sixth verses but, 2011 America must have all verses!

    Once the White House is under siege by million(S) of desperate and furious Americans, hopefully we'll see a mass desertion of our Armed Forces to join We The People. The Romanian Army of 1989 had the wisdom and courage to join the anti-communist resistance and take out Ceauşescu. They had a LOT to lose if the coup failed! The U.S. Armed Forces aren't fit to lick their noble boots if they don't do the same to aid America's Serfs into regaining their rights and liberty.

  8. What do you expect?
    The federal reserve is LITERALLY a luciferian cabal, and is no more federal than federal express.

    Banks are simply clearinghouses for FRNs which are open checks on future human labor.

    The luciferian banking cabal has accomplished economic slavery on a global scale simply by buying your labor with paper promises.

    Do not trust the banks accept only gold and silver in exchange for your labor.

    For a real solution tell congress to support tona2009.

  9. Check out this link.