Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Support Your County Sheriff:There Might Be a Constitutional Standoff If DHS will use TSA on the Streets.

           We can all see big sister Janet Napolitano who is the Secretary of Homeland Security has big plans to bring what they do in the airports out on the streets of America into Shopping Malls,Bus Stations,Hotels and on the Streets. A direct violation of the 9th and 10th Amendments of the US Constitution. It is time to let our local governments know we do not want them to have anymore special so called partnerships with the Federal Government through Homeland Security. Second We need to see visit our County Sheriffs as a group or personally ask to meet them one on one. Let them know that in the Landmark Supreme Court Decision Printz,Mack vs. Brady Bill were Sheriff Richard Mack won the case. In Sheriff Mack latest Book"The County Sheriff America's Last hope" The Sheriff will learn President Barrack Obama and the DHS Secretary can not tell the elected peace officer what to do. The Sheriff has the Authority to kick them out of the county.
            When the DHS starts to roll out on the streets of America.We need a constitutional standoff were the sheriff draws the boundary at the county line and says to the federal government "not in my county We never asked for you and we do not need you". If your county Sheriff makes the stand against Big Sister and BHO. We must be ready to support the county sheriff in every way we can even if the Sheriff has to arrest the feds violating the law.The support of the people in his county will be important. Our Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer in the county. He answers to us and not the federal government. Support your county Sheriff when he makes the stand. The White House and Homeland Security thinks they are a Law onto themselves.How can we stop a bunch of power freaks? It will have to come from the Sheriff to stop this insane power grab to preserve our liberties. We better support  and pray for the Sheriff when they do Stand Up and dig there heels in.

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  1. I like your blog, and will add to my bookmarks, just one thing. Why is there a saguaro cactus as your background? Generally the saguaro is found in Arizona, Mexico, and maybe a few in California. While it would not be true if I said there are no saguaros in Texas, my late father had one in his backyard, for the most part, saguaros are not native to Texas.

    Irregardless of this small gripe, I agree with your post. Though I do think the sheriff departments of counties with major metropolitan cities, like Dallas, Harris, or my hq, Tarrant county, might be a little tougher to influence the SO and their officers. Outlying and rural counties with deputies who are local and familiar with other locals will be assets and should be cultivated, but Dallas county has a Sheriff, I think her name is Lupe Valdez??? has an open hostility towards most of her constituents.

    Good site to bookmark