Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Who Elected The FCC to Take Over the Intenet?

          I would like to know. Who elected these bureaucrats to vote on taking over the internet. The FCC is an agency that is not elected by the people. Where is the outcry from congress? Do you accept this move to grab power that does not belong to them? Well I hope there will be lawsuits coming forward. I do not want someone like Eric Holder to play Judge ,Jury and Executioner to shut down websites without a court order.
          We never elected to FCC, We never gave them any authority to take control of the Internet. It has nothing to do with cyber safety. It has more to do with controlling the information that goes out in the public. They losing a fight they can only win is by rigging the game.We must not allow them to take over the world wide web. The FCC we never elected. If the FCC has this much power outside public accountability. Then we must not allow them to go one step further in controlling the flow of information on the internet that is the last bastion of free speech on earth.
           I see this backfiring on the US government because it shows there disregard for freedom of speech and how hell bent on power they have become.They see the internet as a stumbling block to grab ultimate authority to control the information wars. It is a war there are losing and want to change the rules to rig the game so they are always on the winning side. We have to step up and stop them in their tracks. If we accept this power grab. The fight will be so much more tougher. The consequences of inaction to allow this attack on freedom will have a far reaching impact more than we think unless we draw the line in the sand. This time push back if they dare step across the line.

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