Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The County Sheriff verses S-510(The Food Safety Modernization Act)

           It is plain as day Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid used every procedural manipulation and trick to pass the Food Safety Modernization Act. All the rules were broken to ram the legislation through both houses. You have to see who the winners and losers are when the bill becomes law. I hope the county Sheriff realizes he will not be able to have a slice Mrs Nelson's homemade apple pie anymore at the county fair. Mrs Nelson who picked the apples from her yard to make the pie now is a criminal under S-510.
           If we want our food supply to be kept safe and free to sell our crops at the farmers market.We must get all our Sheriff on board standing with the small family farms,ranchers and hone gardeners. The sheriff has the power and authority to throw the FDA and the USDA out of his county to prevent these agencies from shutting these farms down. To make sure farmers markets still can allow people to buy and sell. The home gardeners be free from harassment by the Federal Goon Squads.
            Many county Sheriff Departments are feeling the squeeze of revenue and man power to carry out the basic mission. The solution is not asking for a hand out from the Federal Government. It is deputizing  the local citizenry properly trained in arrest powers and department procedures.Who can act under the authority of the Sheriffs office to act in restraining federal encroachment whether being the IRS,BATFE, and other Federal Alphabet soup agencies. Our Sheriff needs no more partnerships with the Federal government for a hand out. The sheriff needs to look to the people who elected him to help him stand in the gap against tyranny.
             Richard Mack said that gun control will be were the Sheriffs draw the line against the Federal Government. I have to disagree with it slightly. I believe it will be when the Federal government enforces the Food Safety Modernization Act. Because more important than guns is the food supply.When Deputies come to the realization they will not be able to buy fresh eggs from the local chicken farmer or that pint of unpasteurized honey from the beekeeper. They will be draw the line against the FDA and USDA.
             Not only do we need our Sheriff to protect the food supply and production in his county. We need to go to our county commissioners.We need to pass ordinances banning GMO crops in the county. Banning BGH injections in the Dairy cows. Lets give the choice to the ranchers and farmers the option not vaccinate their livestock. Local politics has the real power more than the Federal bureaucracy to be the solution.
              This is the time we need to look to our county sheriff not only to protect and safeguard our freedoms. It comes down to survival and keeping good order in the county when all hell breaks loose nationwide. This should be the year the sheriff looks to his own people and not Washington DC to help him and stand  in the gap as guardians of liberty.

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