Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Federal Reserve Backs Down After Public Outrage Over Privet Banks Order to Remove All Forms of Christianity From All Branches

         After public pressure nationwide against the Federal Reserve Bank telling a privet Bank in Perkins Oklahoma to remove everything this is Christian or about Christmas has backed down. It still shows we still have to power to make change and stand our ground. This has maybe been a victory for us. Just do not go back to sleep yet.
         Count on them coming back and trying this somewhere else to another privet bank or other financial institution with the same tactics. It may not be crosses or pins this time. The may order that the American flags be taken down not to offend the illegal immigrants. The fed could order many privet business and institutions be mandated to make changes in company policies and other internal functions to bog everything down with burdensome regulation. If they can not shut them down right away. They will sure put them out of business complying with red tape in the bureaucracy
        They will be back doing with something different under the Banking Reform Bill that makes the Federal Reserve Bank a financial dictatorship in total control of the economy. They may not order crosses removed. But may mandate a Muslim prayer closet be constructed pointing towered Mecca at a bank even though no one who practices Islam is employed with them. They could demand a 501(C)3 Church hire homosexuals and Satan Worshipers.
         The Federal Reserve will be back again trying this somewhere else.They may not attack religious freedom.They will try another means attacking freedom from another angle to accomplish the same goal .They will not back down and go away that easily. They will be back letting everyone know who is the boss if we like it or not.

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