Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Constructive Criticism of Alex Jones

         I am not going to trash Alex Jones for his success as a radio broadcaster. He has much success is waking up the world and bringing vital information to counter the globalist. I know Alex made many personal sacrifices and took a lot of persecution when people refused to listen to the truth. He has took many personal risk. I can not take away the fact that he has been vindicated for what he has been saying for years.
         Were I am critical is I know the countless hours in research and studying the way of the Globalist and the Eugenicist  plans for the world.Sometimes I think your mind get too sucked into the darkness of the tyrants. When you get behind the microphone it shows.When you digress and freak out behind the microphone. Th effect on the audience can be very detrimental to the efforts of many trying to defeat the New World Order too. If you know your responsibility is very difficult to fathom.
           I remember you tell the Story of Lt. Gen.Chester Pulley many times. When one of his soldiers said "we are surrounded". The commander said "good we can shoot in all directions"He never said surrender and give up. No the officers leadership resonated with his soldiers under his command.Alex .Sometimes you act like we should just give up and because they will do this or that is in the tone of your voice. It can be very counter productive when we allow the enemies writings and publications jump inside our heads and wreak havoc.Sometimes I think is helping the other side more than ours with his piss poor attitude. At least Mark Koernke does not whine and complain. He never talks about what they other side will do to us. He talks about what we should do to them. Alex take your defeatist attitude someplace else if you can not keep a cool head behind the microphone.At least let Mark fill in if you can not keep your cool.
            Alex Let me share a story when I was really young. When I was 11 years old and my family moved to Florida from New Jersey.As a family we had very hard times financially in the early months. We were faced with eviction and I really thought we be homeless on the streets. There was very little food. I really thought we as a family would go hungry and homeless. I would hear for the real estate company and the Sheriff department would bring out an eviction notice. I recall my father saying "I have only eighty cents to our name". My parents told me and my two brothers we are going nowhere,We are not moving,we will not live on the streets and everything will work out for the best. We are working hard and will get the bills paid. In the face of all the odds. My parents never panicked and reacted. There attitude through the worst of times gave the family a true sense stability were we made it though.
            Alex all I can say is do not let the worst nature of the elite live inside your head rent free.Sometimes the real solutions is just building confidence on success and encouraging fighting the good fight in the infowar when all seem lost. I am not saying smile and say everything is fine. We all know it is bad.I will not deny it.Sometimes I think you ought to take more callers to let them encourage and strengthen you than digress.Sometimes when we take the cotton out of our ears and out them in our mouth.Then your rejuvenated and recharged if we let the audience be our teacher.
            Alex . You are having a psych ops done on you too. All I am saying is we need to have our own psychological operations done on the elite. They are trying to get us to fold our cards when we are holding a royal flush thinking they have four aces and two kings in there hands when they really have nothing. Please do not let them get a foothold in your mind. If you give their words power with a defeatist attitude They will win.

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