Thursday, December 23, 2010

Remembering the Battle of Trenton on Christmas Eve

            As we celebrate the birth of our savior in the little town of Bethlehem. The man who would help shape our western civilization. George Washington who was encamped on the other side of the Delaware river  made a bold move in the war of independence as one of many battles that gave birth to our republic. This was a turning point in the war against the British Crown.
            It is hard for me to fathom the hardships those soldiers marching through the harshest winter conditions. Crossing the Delaware River to Trenton New Jersey. It was recorded by many accounts of soldiers that there were bloody footprints in the snow for the cause of liberty. Many would die being left on the side of the trail trying to make the march through the night battling the elements of nature.
            On December 25 1776.George Washington and his army attacked the Hessian forces by surprise. This was a major victory in the war of independence and a boost to moral among the continental army. This is one battle we should be reminded of on a cold Christmas eve. Not only we should remember the birth of our Savior. We should remember the sacrifices of the continental soldiers who gave all that night in Trenton who gave us the gift of freedom.

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