Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This is the Time Not to Be a Scrooge Just Because the Grinch Stole Christmas

             We all heard or read the story of the Christmas Carol by the British Author Charles Dickens that is one of the best classic pieces of literature ever published. The story was about Ebeneezer Scrooge who was a greedy old man who cared nothing about humanity and forgot about the true meaning of Christmas. He was visited by ghost to reflect on his past, the true gravity of his present state and who lies before him if he does not repent.
              Just because we have Scrooges and Grinches  throwing people out of their homes,and looting the wealth of the nation. The very people who care nothing about human dignity and can careless of a single mother with four children frozen to death on the street or how many families fight for survival sleeping in their car trying not to see their kids go to sleep hungry. Just because they are Scrooges and Grinches who are trying to break our will as a people to submit to serfdom for a hot meal. We are better people than that and we have no excuse to act like the stingy greedy misers just because oligarchs are falling victim to trickle down greed deception.
              What really would make a difference and bring hope to our nation. To send a message to the Grinches and Scrooges.The ones on Wall Street and own the Big Banks who stole Christmas. That message is our spirit is far from broken and no matter how much they try to break our will. We will show that we can find it in our hearts with little money we may have will not stand in the way of helping our neighbor. We ought forgive the debts owed to us to give the person a clean slate. To send a message that the human spirit will triumph always in the face of adversity.
               In the Dr. Sues show the Grinch that stole Christmas. When the Grinch took everything that was part of Christmas  including the Holiday turkey out of the small village. No matter how much the Grinch tried to do to break the will of the small village. The holiday spirit in the people prevailed no matter what was stolen. Just because Wall Street and the Bankers stole the Christmas as we known it in years past. As the people of this once great republic can still send the message that no mater how much they stole from us. They can not take our spirit and our concern for our fellow man from us. Good always triumphs over evil and that hard times will not ruin our Christmas. To give rather than receive. To forgive than be forgiven .To help than ask for help. To be thankful we can still be charitable in a time of need to our fellow countrymen. It is in that we find blessing as a people again. Actions like this can be more than a kick in the gut to the Elite psychologically than losing a trillion Dollars in the NASDAQ.

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