Thursday, December 16, 2010

Texas Senate Resolution Calls for a Constitutional Convention

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The Texas State Legislator convenes next month January 11,2011. If we are not careful little bills like this can slip under the radar without a word. We are all frustrated with Washington and the out of control spending more than it takes in. We can not get spending under control until we deal with the Federal Reserve System printing money out of thin air. The Federal Reserve Bank has to be abolished.
              Texas Senate Joint Resolution 10 calls for a Constitutional Convention to propose a Balanced Budget Amendment to be amended to the US Constitution. This is no more than a Trojan horse to make changes the globalist to use to take away the right to free speech,religion and the the right to keep and bear arms. We do not need a Con Con. Do not be deceived by the need for convention to propose a balanced budget amendment.
               Instead of bills like these. What we want to as Texans.We must learn it all starts with the states We need to pressure our state legislators to investigate the validity of the 16th and 17th Amendments of the US Constitution.Was it ratified? Was the Texas State Legislator in session in 1913?Was there a vote to ratify these amendments on the floor in the State house or Senate in Austin?I think we need to find out what amendments were legally ratified. The question of even the 14th amendment during Reconstruction after the war of northern aggression being illegally ratified since Texas had no representation to call a vote for ratification.  They had no legislator to call into session because of Federal occupation of Texas.
               We need to undue the damage on a state level first with the 16th amendment creating the crippling income tax.The 17th amendment taking away the States government's representation in US congress making our US Senators being sold to the highest bidder beholden special interest or high powered lobbyist out of reach of the State legislators.
               We do not need a Constitutional Convention to propose a Balanced Budget Amendment.It is a Trojan Horse by the globalist to make changes to our Constitution were there is no Bill of Rights. Do not be fooled by a Balanced Budget Amendment  is a cure all to fiscal recklessness coming out of Washington DC. It is when we repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and return to a honest sound monetary policy. Than such a proposal becomes irrelevant.

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  1. The were trying to do this kind of stuff a year or two ago. It had something to do with taxes that appeared to be anti-tax on the surface but would have legalized the federal income tax which is actually illegal to collect.

    So you are right, watch out for that!