Monday, June 27, 2011

People in Illinois Town of Peoria Live In Fear of Racist Mob. Where is the White House Investigating Hate Crimes?

             The very double standard is here where Black Mobs are terrorizing the White Citizens in Peoria Illinois. This mob was claiming they want to kill Whitey and get back at them for centuries of oppression crap. Where are Homeland Security and the FBI going to investigate for Hate crimes? They are going after patriot groups for using very mild terms taking about taking back the country. Many people who are Tea Party are not using racial slurs and still being subject to harassment for possible hate crimes by the Federal government for using far less derogatory statements.

             If the tea party groups went around a town threatening law abiding black citizens. There would be non stop news coverage using the opportunity to demonize the opposition. There would be calls to charge people with hate crimes for making such threats unless your a black group. Then the rules change based on the color of a persons skin. We see the double standard out in the open. So how do the police deal with the problem? They tell people to lock themselves in their homes because they are short on manpower or are they out writing tickets doing creative revenue generation. People seem to feel unsafe even sitting on their porches. I wonder what would happen if the Police acted started to jail some people and put really did their job protecting the law-abiding people. Would the Rev. Al Sharpton and the Rev. Jesse Jackson come to Peoria to demonize the Police for being racist?

             It is sad the people of Illinois live in a corrupt state where politics and corruption are inseparable. When people have to depend on the Police to protect them and are without defense. They are not doing that well either. I believe this mob did not happen in a vacuum. I believe this is being an operation by Federal hacks so people in Peoria will cry for the solution they would not otherwise accept. That is Martial law. I am not saying that is the agenda. All I am saying it would not surprise me if that was the end game sending in the National Guard having a Police State as the solution.

             The State of Illinois reeks of gun control where people cannot defend themselves and because of these strict laws. The people have a right to defend themselves. With this, flash mob-making threats to kill the white people. Having the use of arms would be a great deterrent. The City of Peoria is a great example when gun control is in place and the people have to resort to depend on the system to protect them.  It is just very egregious the White House and the Justice Department are not in Peoria doing Hate Crime investigations for these black flash mobs threatening white people. Only if the Tea party was out in force making the same threats. Then we will see the heavy hand of government clamping down on free speech. Hypocrisy out in the open in Illinois for all to see. Welcome to Illinois or more like Obamaland. The land of the corrupt and home of the depraved.


  1. Whos stopping the corrupt racist Cops from framing all blacks, they control all the lawyer in Illinois if you didnt know.

    They are framing all minoritys while covering for the white MOB the worst criminals on planet earth is white shit but white shit cops cover up for them

  2. The FBI is just as bad as corrupt cops they, Their speciallty is frameups and everybody covers for them. FBI wont help you Cointelpro KKK shit