Monday, June 13, 2011

Can William Travis and Sam Houston Be Labeled Domestic Terrorist Now?

                I have to laugh and at the same time be concerned about how our law enforcement has become so stupid and so duped by all the brainwashing coming out of Washington DC. Considering that the Texas County Sheriffs office who bought the DHS lies hook line and sinker that patriotic people are the terror threat. If they really believe that to be true, Then the whole Texas army who fought for independence from Mexico and their armies can be considered domestic terrorists just based on a false belief. All the defenders who were killed defending the Alamo must be rolling over in their graves after this county Sheriff issued a terror warning against those who believe in the same principles early Texans fought and died for.

              Do we now label the Texas hero Sam Houston a domestic terrorist because he dared to stand up to the Military dictator who terrorized the people of Texas? How dare Sam Houston stand up to the Mexican Government, and how dare he oppose the oppressive hand of General Santa Anna. If Sam Houston were alive today, he would be spied upon by the FEMA fusion centers and put on a no fly, no gun buy list. These people in Law enforcement are unaware they are expendable cannon fodder to be used by the Feds. The tyrants need the local police cooperation to carry out their tyranny on the people. We have to snap these police out of their brainwashed stupor and back into reality. These people in uniform have much more to lose than we do, if the police do not come to their senses real quick then I fear for them.

              We have to demonstrate absurdity by being absurd. That means making posters and stapling them all around Bandera County, I mean making posters with pictures of Sam Houston and William Travis with writing on the bottom saying "Classified as Domestic Terrorists by the DHS and Bandera County Sheriff". The Feds are trying to strike terror into the hearts of the Law Enforcement officers to fear what is normal and good. The Federal government wants to put a wedge between the people and the local police. I do not have anything against people in uniform; they already have a tough job dealing with the ugly characters in society. They have no reason to fear the good Americans trying to make Texas and America a great place to live, they have more to fear from the government they take their orders from than the people DHS labels as the enemy.

              Perhaps revealing the absurdity of what the DHS and the Bandera Sheriff calls  domestic terrorists, using Texas heroes as an example might knock some common sense back into the rank and file of the Sheriffs dept, that the DHS has no credibility regarding this claim. If we can get Law enforcement to think for them selves, being very skeptical as to the Feds claim that good patriotic people who love America and Apple pie are ready to kill them is in reality a farce. Then they will know not to accept such nonsense, maybe then they will find the fortitude they need to say "No" unbelieving of the bad advice from the Federal government that is just more brain washing, maybe when the DHS sends out these ridiculously absurd alerts demonizing the normal as suspicious; like having a home bible study group. Then I hope our sworn peace officers will think it through like rational people, take that alert, crumble it up and toss it in the waste basket.


  1. That term is becoming a "catch all phrase" and frankly I'm sick of it. Like the "terroristic dancers" at the memorial this past weekend. Give me a freakin break exactly how do you dance and commit terrorism. It used to mean someone who strapped on a bomb, or murdered innocent people in it's ANYONE who does ANYTHING the powers that be dislike.....well screw em I the only terrorism I see is coming from our own government.

  2. I think you give "peace officers" a little too much credit to ask them to think like rational people. If they could do that they wouldn't be cops.

  3. G.d this..... Are they now going to make David Crockett a blloming terrorist too.

    Never in the history of this planet has the phrase "Remember the Alamo"

    From an aussie sick and tired of weak spineless politicians forgetting who they serve.

  4. This is the most incomprehensible article I have read on this site. And that is saying something.

    There are times when I think the author is a child. Or perhaps he writes these things before his morning coffee. Maybe he just doesn't give a damn.

    That must be it. Because if he did give a damn, would he write like this? "I have to laugh at the same time be concerned about how down law enforcement has become so stupid and so dumb down by all the brainwashing coming out of Washington DC."

    That sentence is an embarrassment. The writing is an embarrassment. YOU SIR are an embarrassment. NO REAL TEXAN would ever work so shoddy, and this website is your work. No man from Texas, proud to be from Texas, would turn in such terrible work.

    You're a fraud. And you've just proved it. This isn't a real site by a real Texan. It's a site by some east coast Lib who THINKS this is how Texans write. All us Texans too dumb to put a decent sentence together, right? BULL!

    I'm gone. I'm not going to support some east coast liberal who thinks writing like a 5th grader and "pretending" to be from Texas is entertaining.

    It isn't. It's deceitful and wrong.

  5. We have just spent time in San Augustine looking at the history of our REPUBLIC OF TEXAS

    "Its time to go back to the good old days"

  6. If you're really a Texan, please pluralize the "ist" word in the title correctly, as it refers to TWO people, unless you're only pretending to be from Texas. Texas people are very, very smart and articulate, in my experience.

  7. I recently read that this was the charge that the feds hit Bernard Von Nothaus with in regards to the Liberty Dollar.

    They also like to use the charge "Terroristic Threats". I know because I was charged with it for simply stating "that it would be a shame if something happened to you."

    We are truly a police state. Statistically, we have more people in prison per capita than any other country.

    I read today in the NY Times that they expanded the FBI's powers of searching.

  8. NobodysaysBOO!: grammer nazi says:
    "I'm gone. I'm not going to support some east coast liberal who thinks writing like a 5th grader and "pretending" to be from Texas is entertaining." stay on topic please.
    JUST go to the airport and report back thanks!
    Thank GOD there is NO airport in Bandera!
    A no fly zone in Mexas is a good idea? maybe so the no fly zone at Love field called the wright ammendment worked for American Airelines they make millions even today!