Monday, June 13, 2011

Why the Sovereign Citizen Movement is Feared. My Opinion of a Sheriff Issuing a Terror Alert.

           The first thing I will say very clearly to the people of Bandera County; The next election that rolls around when the Sheriff is up for reelection and must face the voters again, waste no time throwing his ass out of office! The county sheriffs in the Lone Star State are constitutional offices provided for in the Texas Constitution, the people elect the sheriff to secure and protect the constitutional rights of the people in his county, and he is the chief Law Enforcement officer of his county. There is no one higher than the county Sheriff, the President of the United States cannot tell the county sheriff what to do, and He only answers to the people who elect the Sheriff to hold office.

            Recently the Bandera County Sheriffs Office issued a domestic terrorist warning after the death of a Bexar County sheriff’s deputy died in a Shootout; there is no evidence that this slain deputy’s death is linked to violence in the Sovereign Citizens Movement. Therefore, I see this terrorist warning not as a report by the Sheriffs office alone. This alert was not being issued in a vacuum, the FBI, ADL, SPLC and the DHS,
 I believe might be the force behind the scenes pushing the Sheriffs office to issue these alerts based on no solid evidence to substantiate the claim. The death of this deputy is tragic and my condolences go out to his family. This sad incident should not be a reason or a tool to go after a group of people who are true patriots.

             Why is the Sovereign Citizens Movement viewed as such a threat? The reason is that these people in the movement are actually reading the law and doing their homework. They know the law better than the Police and many Lawyers. While many Law Enforcement Agencies eat up these lies handed down from these Federal agencies and the ADL like a hog going back to the feeding trough willingly every time without thought. The Sovereign Citizens Movement is countering the disinformation and exposing the fraud brought upon the people.

              The Bandera Sheriffs office showed its true colors, indicating that they are a prostitute for Federal Money and will sell out the liberties and freedom of the people who elected the Sheriff to office. The reason why there are so many abuses by the Police in non-violent encounters with law-abiding people is because the influence of the Federal government in their jurisdiction. If the sworn peace officers and local police really listen to the people, they will find out we have nothing to fear from the sovereign citizens allegedly committing acts of terror, we the people have much more fear of our own government attacking us. If the Police and Sheriffs just followed the law and upheld their oaths. There would be no reason for a sovereign citizen movement.

                This shows an act of desperation by the government to discredit the patriots because their time is running short. They know they will fall, they are just trying to prolong that day of reckoning. To use the Texas County Sheriffs as a mouthpiece for the Federal government shows they are losing control, they have no credulity and people have no confidence in the leaders anymore because they are ignoring laws or breaking laws all together. When Sheriffs offices or local Police issue such warnings without giving much thought about the validity of claims, laugh at them because they do not live in the real world and will not take time to see if it is true as the Feds claim about people who want to restore the republic. Just laugh at them, when the time comes it will be the Feds who stab them in the back. The Federal agents pretending to be their friends will deceive them, giving them advice to ignore the warnings from the Patriots might be their downfall. Once the Feds are finished using these local goon police officers, they will throw these dumb cops to the curb, unlike the sovereign citizen who has everyone’s best interest at heart, and also for the police officers if they take the time to listen with an open mind so that they can make a better-informed decision. We are American first before we are anything else.


  1. I think the sheriff works for someone other than the citizens of Bandera County.

    I agree about throwing the bum out of office but I differ on when to do it, recall his ass NOW!

  2. I've figured out who your writing style reminds me of. Yoda, but after he's been bludgeoned with a 14 inch lead pipe repeatedly.

    "The next election that rolls around when Sheriff is up to be reelection and face the voters again Waste no time throwing his ass out of office."

    This is hands down some of the worst writing ever conceived. I recommend you sue the piss out of whatever school system vomited you out for negligence, or something. Holy Christ.

  3. The writing is kinda sixth gradish, but good article.

  4. Your points are correct. There should be bill boards across Texas stating: Constitution First. Law Enforcement Second.

  5. The point of writing an article to be published is to get the point across to the reader, and ya'll got the point, so WHY KILL the messenger?
    Or go read somewhere else...........

  6. "Anonymous said...
    I've figured out who your writing style reminds me of. Yoda, but after he's been bludgeoned with a 14 inch lead pipe repeatedly."

    To the Anonynous ASSHOLE JERKOFF, you got nothing better to do then pick out grammatical errors?

    Here is an idea, open up you maw and swallow a bottle of mustard then take a spiced beef brisket and shove it way up your ass and turn yourself into a pastrami sandwich.

    Them march yourself over to the nearest police station and let them shove night sticks up your rectum you fucking NeoZio pig fucking scumbag!

  7. Once again.... People complaining about grammar just because they either disagree with or don't understand the message. It's okay, I understand. It's hard to think outside the box when you don't realize you're in one. Screw grammar trolls! I got the message. Good article!

  8. I moved away from Bandera about five years ago. So I could be wrong, but I don't think so. If memory serves me, this so called Sheriff. Is a retired FBI agent, not born in Texas. He got himself elected by being quite a glad hander at the Bandera Gun Club, among other places. Of course the naive Good'ol boys bought his garbage hook line and sinker.

  9. the grammar trolls are really ravenous today! Looking for any scrap of meat they can gnaw from the bone, I think I need to put on my Waders for this lot!

  10. If a man has something worth hearing to say! Then I don't care if he sends bloody smoke signals to get his message across.

    These over educated Fartsmellers that went to college while I and many others joined the military at 17. Think that somehow sets them above thier fellow Americans. Not so Buckwheat!

    Maybe you can write a well written verse. Good on ya! But can you build a house? Rebuild a transmission, dig a well, raise crops in mass, Hang a door?

    In anycase I feel that anyone with brains enough to bother to read this site is worth giving a fare hearing. I don't care how accurately you write, as long as your point isn't lost in a sea of jibberish.

    Ignore the trolls, and write whats on your mind friends.

  11. Overeducated? So you think ignorance is a badge of honor?

    Oh, and, BTW, can you sew, homeschool your kids, think of ways to keep the grossbeaks (okay, okay...birds) off your garden, speak Japanese...soo desu nee...and spell the word "fair"?

    Actually, realman writes the way he does PRECISELY to piss off the grammar freaks, but I guess you are too pissed off to see that...

  12. "Actually, realman writes the way he does PRECISELY to piss off the grammar freaks"

    Sure. And when a bird craps on your car, it's making a statement on American over-consumerism.

    Realman writes the way he does because he can't write any better. That's why he defends his own ignorance so much. Because he knows he can't do any better.

    He writes poorly, and people like what he is saying, so they excuse it. They won't hold him to a higher standard, and neither does he himself. If he could do better, he would. But he can't, so he won't.

    It really is that simple.

  13. Intelligence can be measured in many ways fartsmeller.

    Why don't we just stick to the topic of conversation, and share our opinions on those matters.

    This aint grade school and I don't give a damn about your opinion of my or anyone elses writing skills.

  14. DL SAID: "Overeducated? So you think ignorance is a badge of honor?"

    Nope, I don't! Nor do I believe afew well written words is a sign of brilliance either.

    I consider one being willing to engage in the political debate a sign of intelligence.

  15. The article written was no more than a puplic awareness statement to protect the citizens from Bandera County from any who would harm them. The press and the FBI named them domestic terrorist not the Bandera Sheriff's Office. It's sad that people find a political forum on either side to make a statement on this. The people of Bandera County need to know anytime there is a possible threat to public safety. There are many people that do not share the same beliefs as you. Thats what makes the United States a wonderful place to live. Facts are facts there are dangerous people in this world, some connected to the Sovereign Citizens Movement, the illegals, people in general. Good people need to know that these people exits. It's part of being a transparent government that cares for the people that it serves. It means to share not only good information but the bad as well. I for one am glad that the Bandera County Sheriff's Office is finally opening up to the public.

  16. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.......

    Nice Try! Not!

    My family is from Bandera and Pipe Creek, and this cop is no NCSI agent. He is just repeating federal propaganda being fed to him by the Fussion Centers in San Antonio.

    The feds are purposely targeting any and all citizen and or patriot organizations loyal to the Constitution of The United States of America.

    Every man in my family and one of the women has served in the military. That is not unusual in Bandera and Texas in general. Texas is likely the most patriotic state in the union.

    You and the sheriff are confusing Consitutional Scholars armed with legal facts and arguments. With others willing to do harm to this nation.

    So a man and his son openned fire on the cops. How does that justify painting all patriot groups with such a broad brush?

    It doesn't!

  17. Don't gripe to me about our own people being a threat to America! While you have two hot wars, and two semi-secret wars being waged. All the while our boarders and coastlines are completely unguarded.

    Do You Realize How Strategically Stupid That Is?

    It's like punching a guy while your pants are wrapped around your ankles.

    You should be concerned with treason, and asking questions, and you better start with the ones making those kinds of decisions.

  18. The Sheriff should concern himself with the many Meth Labs cooking thier poison in the Hill Country. And not so much with these Boogymen that wouldn't last five minutes in Bandera if they ever mentioned attacking this country in anyway.

    Just try it! Go on down Bandera way and talk about doing harm to this nation or state. Them Ol'boys will beat you to an inch of your life I garrantee it!

  19. My only concern is, what is the sheriff up to? I live just outside Bandera county, but have to drive through it on the way to work. I've noticed a bit more police presence on 16 and 46 following this little news article. Could be they are just looking for more tickets or are they up to something to get their names in the media? Are they going to go after some poor schmuck just because they can, or because hes an actual threat to the county/state/nation?

  20. This is a serious. Thanks, for putting forth or for the grammar bug fourth this information.

  21. Ok we'll all shut-up, since we aren't up to you're standards.

    You have the floor...........

    Give us the benefit of all those brains you got there fartsmeller!

  22. Silent all but the crickets huh...........

    Well anybody got anything new on the topic?

  23. The article was fine. I am an editor. It needed a little polishing, but the point was made. I was not looking for form but content. Substance is more important than form. All this bantering about grammar reminded me of Washington Park in London, which there is a shill in the crowd trying to discredit the serious people. Politics is not the full answer, but behind the Sovereign Citizens Movement are people that believe strongly in both God and the Constitutional. Didn't John Fogerty write a song called, "I shot the Sheriff"? It seems to me that was more agitating to the Police than the Sovereign citizens Movement. An isolated incident doesn't make everything wrong. Read the Constitution, basically, that's all they are saying. Does Obama or the present administration. The doctrine of the Original Constitutional is correct, not an unstable, "living Constitution." That's all they are trying to say. Don't be sidetracked by isolated incidents that denounce sincere citizens. Thank you for the article.

  24. Actually, these people don't know the real law. They know the "law" that they've made up in their own heads.

  25. Dark is near ~ we will be enveloped and then anarchy will come. There will be some solace for those who have waited so long. After you petition your government for redress you had better duck damn fucking fast as they will shoot you.
    Once the darkness is here the military will not stand with the government ~ they will stand with those from where they come ~ the people.
    The time is close at hand.